The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 100

Chapter 100: I need an explanation

At the employees' cafeteria

When Yu Yuehan's distinguished figure appeared there, it immediately brought about loud shrieks of excitement.

Almost every single person in the cafeteria looked over.

By the next second, they spontaneously turned around.

"Young Master Han..."

Yu Yuehan nodded his head slightly in response to the people around him.

As his eyes swept across the place, his gaze quickly locked on to a familiar figure.

Pulling a long face, he stepped forward.

"Young Master." When the assistant saw Yu Yuehan, he hurriedly stepped forward to greet him respectfully.

He knew that apart from the routine inspections, Yu Yuehan would never come to the employees' cafeteria.

Yet, Yu Yuehan was now here because of Nian Xiaomu...

The assistant was fraught with worry over losing his job due to his incompetence.

Yu Yuehan looked past him and right at Nian Xiaomu, who was sitting across from the assistant.

She seemed starved and was maniacally sweeping food into her mouth without even realizing that there was a grain of rice stuck to the corner of her mouth.

Her unpretentious manner was strangely pleasant to watch.

Yu Yuehan stared at the rice grain at the corner of her mouth, and his fingers trembled a bit from the temptation of wiping it off for her.

When he realized that he was being ignored, he let out a light cough.

"Young Master, why are you still standing? Your employee cafeteria works in such honorable ways! The food is so tasty and affordable! I want to give it 32 likes!" Nian Xiaomu looked up at him, but very quickly looked down to continue eating.

Her cheeks puffed up as she happily continued eating.

Even Xiao Liuliu, who was sitting next to Nian Xiaomu, was sending spoonfuls of rice into her mouth by herself until her cheeks bulged out adorably.


Yu Yuehan's eyes looked at the dishes in front of him.

Compared to what Nian Xiaomu had prepared earlier, this was definitely more honorable.

If he did not remember wrongly, the Yu Corporation placed great importance on their employees' welfare.

The employees' cafeteria had hired professional chefs who created balanced meals that were priced more cheaply than at other restaurants.

He had gone through and approved all of the administrative specifics himself.

He had never expected that the reason he would eat at his own employees' cafeteria one day was to "save money!"

The total cost of the four set meals should not have cost more than 100 yuan.

That is to say, he was worth only 25 yuan in her eyes!

However, this happened to be his own employees' cafeteria, so he could not complain about his own territory.

Yu Yuehan pulled a long face and pulled out a chair to sit down.

Seeing the set meal that Nian Xiaomu had ordered for him, he raised his eyebrows in disapproval.

Bitter melon omelette, green leafy vegetables, and a bowl of plain rice.

Also the soup of the day.

Nothing else.

Where was the meat?

Yu Yuehan turned to look at the food on her plate. The fragrant braised meat had just the right balance of lean and fatty parts, and it looked juicy and tender. Just looking at it whetted one's appetite.

There was a pair of chicken wings on Xiao Liuliu's plate.

She had even ordered a drumstick for the assistant sitting next to him. Only he had no meat!

Fully vegetarian!

Well done. He was not even worth 25 yuan.

Yu Yuehan's face turned black like the bottom of the pot. Pointing at the braised meat in front of her, he demanded through gnashed teeth, "Nian Xiaomu, I want an explanation for this."

He had always hidden his emotions well, but was frequently losing control in front of her.

He really suspected that she would irritate him to death one day!

"Ah?" A famished Nian Xiaomu was happily stuffing her face when she heard him speak and looked up blankly.

When she caught on to what was happening, she quickly put on a pitiful face and wished she could shed a tear or two. "I only had 100 yuan in my pocket. By the time we got to your food, there was no money left."


"You seemed rather heated these past few days. Bitter melon is cooling and will help you to relieve the heat."