The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Breaking away from the usual practice for her

As soon as she spoke, the pressure in the air suddenly dropped.

The air became still and freezingly cold.

Nian Xiaomu felt a shiver go down her spine, quickly picked up a piece of braised meat, and put it onto his plate. "Here, a piece for you."

Seeing that, the assistant felt all the nerves in his body tighten in horror!

His boss was a hygiene freak and would never eat food from someone else's bowl, yet Nian Xiaomu actually had the gall to put her food on Yu Yuehan's plate.

The assistant was so nervous that he could feel his heart pounding in the back of his throat.

On the other hand, Nian Xiaomu did not put a stop to this behavior and even used her hands to cover her own braised meat when she saw that Yu Yuehan did not respond. "I'm only left with these few pieces."


Yu Yuehan stared at the braised meat on her plate, then at her. His lips curled into a sinister smile when he saw how anxious she looked.

"Don't you want your end-of-the-month bonus, Nurse Nian?"

Seeing that she had fallen into a daze, he picked up his chopsticks and calmly transferred the braised meat, piece by piece, from her plate into his own bowl.

After that, he leisurely sent them into his own mouth before he slowly chewed and swallowed.

Seeing her shocked face and her inability to vent her anger, he felt that the braised meat in his mouth tasted even more flavorful.

Not only did he finish the food on his plate, he also ate up the meat on her plate.

In the end, the one who had a vegetarian meal was Nian Xiaomu!

This turned out very differently from what she had thought at first...

"The chef of the employee's cafeteria did a good job. Give him a bonus for this month," Yu Yuehan said as he placed his chopsticks down and used a napkin to clean his lips deliberately.

"What about me?" When Nian Xiaomu heard the word "bonus," her eyes lit up.

She had led him to the employees' cafeteria and could be considered the one who had recommended the place to him. If the chef got a bonus, would she get her bonus back too?

Furthermore, she had even sacrificed her braised meat.

As if she were looking at a glowing tycoon, Nian Xiaomu looked at him eagerly.

"Not for you," Yu Yuehan looked back at her and enunciated every word clearly as he put his napkin down.

Seeing how her face fell in that split second, his lips curled into a delighted smile.

"It's time for the next meeting, Young Master," the assistant reminded from the side.

A flash of light flickered in Yu Yuehan's eyes, and he looked toward Nian Xiaomu. "You can accompany Xiao Liuliu and take a tour around the office. When she gets tired, send her back to my lounge."

Seeing Nian Xiaomu nod her head obediently, he retracted his smile and resumed his frosty look as he got up from the dining table and turned to leave.

At the dining table, only Nian Xiaomu and Xiao Liuliu were left.

Children tended to eat their meals more slowly.

Nian Xiaomu did not hurry her, but kept her company as she ate slowly.

When Xiao Liuliu was done, Nian Xiaomu wanted to use a napkin to clean her mouth, but she realized that she had run out them.

She raised her head and was about to ask where she could buy napkins when a nearby staff member immediately delivered a packet of new napkins to her.

"How much is it?" Nian Xiaomu asked.

Who knew that before she could finish speaking, the other party was already waving her hand at her. "It's only a packet of napkins. You don't have to pay!"

"Thank you." Although Nian Xiaomu felt rather perplexed, she thought that a packet of napkins was inexpensive after all, so she did not take it to heart.

After she cleaned Xiao Liuliu's mouth, she carried her up and left the cafeteria.

She had absolutely no idea that the news of her eating together with Yu Yuehan at the employees' cafeteria had already bombarded the company's intranet...

[President appeared at the employee's cafeteria to have lunch with a mysterious girl and even shared a set of braised meat!]

This mind-blowing headline was accompanied by a photograph of Yu Yuehan picking food from her plate!