The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 103

Chapter 103: What was she doing?

"It was shown clearly in the photograph. I was at the cafeteria at that time and saw with my own eyes that Master Han picked up the meat from her plate to eat!" Xie Jingjing grabbed her cell phone to download the photograph from the company intranet.

Then, she placed the phone in front of Wen Yadai.

The photograph was taken secretly from a distance away.

It did not capture Yu Yuehan's full face, only his side profile. However, from the action in the photograph, he was definitely taking food, and he was taking food from Nian Xiaomu's plate.

At the same time, Nian Xiaomu, who was sitting opposite him, was staring hard at him with her cheeks puffed up incredulously.

The photograph was rather blurry and could only show a limited degree of what was going on. However, it was enough to prove that what Xie Jingjing said was not a lie.

Indeed, Yu Yuehan had changed his usual habits for Nian Xiaomu.

Not only did he visit the employees' cafeteria, he also shared a dish with someone else.

"Even if Master Han has special feelings for this Nian Xiaomu, what can we do about it? We have no right to interfere with Master Han's personal life." Wen Yadai subconsciously clenched her fists, but continued to wear a smile on her face.

Xie Jingjing, however, grew more irate at Wen Yadai's words.

"If Master Han really should be with someone, I would rather it be you, Sister Yadai. You are so competent and from a distinguished family. What does this Nian Xiaomu have? She must think that with her bit of good looks, she can go around seducing men. Master Han didn't even say anything, but she's already using Little Miss to broadcast and show off their relationship!"

Wen Yadai looked away, her smile still gentle and composed.

She reached out to poke at Xie Jingjing's forehead and said, "Hey you, it's okay to talk nonsense in front of me, but do not go around repeating it. I have only respect for Master Han, and we don't even know what kind of person Nian Xiaomu is, but I think she has a refined disposition. Who knows, she might be from a more prominent family than mine."

"How's that possible! She looks more like a vixen! I don't believe that she could be a lady from an eminent family!" Xie Jingjing retorted, feeling miffed at being chided.

"Jingjing!" Wen Daiya furrowed her eyebrows.

"All right, all right. I won't say anymore. I'll go back to work." Xie Jingjing bit her lips defiantly and silently tightened her grip on her cell phone.

It seemed like she had to get to the bottom of this matter otherwise she would not be at peace.

As Wen Yadai watched her leave, her lips curled in satisfaction.

The higher the pedestal, the harder the fall.

Nian Xiaomu was now so popular because no one knew her identity.

Once everyone found out that the person who was trying to leech off of Master Han was merely a lowly nurse, they would...

Wen Yadai looked away to hide the sinister gleam in her eyes.

She picked up her own cell phone and logged into the company intranet.

Looking at the photograph for a second time and in the absence of other people, she could not control the jealousy in her eyes.


In the meeting room.

As Yu Yuehan listened to the reports from various departments, he restlessly tapped his slender fingers on the table.

He thought that he was already used to such long and boring meetings, but when he thought of Nian Xiaomu's lively and animated face, he could not help but break out into a smile.

He was curious to know what that easily distracted person was doing with Xiao Liuliu right now.

Yu Yuehan's eyes revealed that he was deep in thought. Then he slightly turned to the assistant who was standing next to him.

The assistant immediately bowed respectfully and left the meeting room.

Just as he reached the entrance of the president's office, he saw a few secretaries standing close by, nudging one another forward.

"You go ask."

"Why don't you go first..."