The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 104

Chapter 104: For everything to go well and smoothly

The assistant stepped forward and asked with a frown on his face, "What is the matter?"

When they saw that someone had appeared, and it even turned out to be Yu Yuehan's right-hand man, the secretaries felt that their savior had arrived. They rushed forward and asked, "Miss Nian brought Little Miss into the room with her. We were thinking if we should go in to ask if she would like anything to drink."

The secretarial department had always dutifully recorded the preferences of all the important guests.

However, this was Nian Xiaomu's first visit, so they did not know what to prepare for her.

Actually, if they had not been informed, the secretarial department could let it be and simply carry on with their usual work. However, now everyone knew that Master Han, who rarely set foot in the employees' cafeteria, had actually done so to accompany Nian Xiaomu for lunch.

The two of them had even shared a set of braised meat.

With this kind of relationship, how could they afford to be negligent?

That was why the few people on duty today were conflicted.

"Little Miss can only drink milk. As for Nian Xiaomu... Please wait, I will ask her for you." The assistant thought about it and pushed open the door of the president's office.

When he entered the room, he saw the two people on the sofa.

Xiao Liuliu had raised her arm and was waiting patiently for Nian Xiaomu to remove her bandage and to change her dressing.

Scabs were beginning to form on the wounds and were causing some itching. Nian Xiaomu was worried that she would use her hands to scratch them, so she kept chatting with her to distract her.

"Xiao Liuliu, how did you get your name?" At first Nian Xiaomu was only casually asking. However, when the question was blurted out, she felt a strange sense of curiosity and wanted to find out more.

An adorable name like Xiao Liuliu did not seem like Yu Yuehan's style.

Could it have been Matriarch Yu?

Matriarch Yu had a cheeky streak in her, so it was quite likely to be her.

"Grandma! She said that it means for everything to go well and smoothly (li li d shn)," Xiao Liuliu said with her head tilted. When talking about her own name, there was a visible excitement on her face.

Li li d shn...

So did this mean that if Yu Yuehan were to have a son in future, his name would be Dashun?


This name flashed past her head, and Nian Xiaomu laughed out loud.

It was too auspicious!

She could almost picture in her mind the horrified look on Yu Yuehan's face if he were to find out that his son was going to be named Dashun!

When she heard footsteps behind her, she turned to take a look.

Seeing that it was the assistant, she had a slight shock.

She looked past him cautiously, afraid that Yu Yuehan might have heard her laugh.

"Young Master is still at the meeting and was worried that Miss Nian would not be able to cope with looking after Little Miss, so he sent me here to take a look." The assistant offered a simple explanation, and she heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that, the assistant candidly asked her what she would like to drink.

After he walked out to inform the secretaries, he returned to the sofa.

By the time Xiao Liuliu's dressing was done, she had leaned against Nian Xiaomu and fallen asleep.

Her soft and cuddly body curled into a ball and tucked herself into Nian Xiaomu's embrace.

The sight was very heartwarming.

The assistant stepped up and whispered in a low voice, "It wasn't Matriarch who gave Little Miss her name."

"..." Startled, Nian Xiaomu looked up at him in surprise.

The assistant nodded his head earnestly.

"So it was Young Master..."

"It wasn't him either." The assistant appeared to contemplate about something. After hesitating for a few seconds, he said, "When Little Miss was sent to Young Master's side, she already had a name. It's a taboo in the Yu household to discuss this matter. You must not bring this up in front of Young Master."

Everyone knew that two years ago, Yu Yuehan suddenly had a daughter.

However, not many people knew that when Xiao Liuliu appeared, there had been a DNA report as well.

At the end of the DNA report were the words: "Yu Liuliu".