The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Major movements from all the departments!

They had all assumed that Yu Yuehan would give Xiao Liuliu a change of name, but he did not do so.

Thus, she was known by that name all the way to the present.

Xiao Liuliu's biological mother had not appeared after all these years. As a result, what happened during that time gradually became a secret.

Everyone in the Yu Family knew that anything related to that woman would enrage Yu Yuehan.

Out of kindness, the assistant was informing Nian Xiaomu of this.

"So Xiao Liuliu's mother was the one who named her..." Nian Xiaomu was finally enlightened.

A feeling that could not be expressed swept past her heart.

Xiao Liuliu, six-six...

Was there any special meaning behind it?

Nian Xiaomu glanced down at the tiny and adorable face of the soft figure. Unable to bear it, she lowered her head and gave Xiao Liuliu a kiss.

She carried Xiao Liuliu into the lounge and placed her on the bed after she was sound asleep.

"Little Miss visits the company very frequently and is very familiar with this place. Don't be too worried." The assistant became increasingly polite toward Nian Xiaomu because he had noticed that she genuinely adored Xiao Liuliu.

When she heard this, Nian Xiaomu's eyes sparkled, and she raised her head. "Can you help me look after her for a while? I want to take a look at the other departments of the company."

The Yu Corporation gave her a strong feeling of familiarity.

However, she had not been here before. She deeply wanted to know where this feeling originated from.

"Sure." The assistant nodded his head lightly.

The only condition was that she had to leave behind her contact details and report her whereabouts to him.

It was such a simple requestNian Xiaomu agreed without hesitation!

She wrote her cell phone number down at top speed and headed out.

Just as she reached the door, she bumped into the secretary who was walking toward her with a tray of drinks.

"Miss Nian, this is the fruit juice that you had requested. I was about to send them over to you," the secretary greeted her politely when she saw her.

Nian Xiaomu blinked her bright eyes. She lifted the fruit juice up and gulped down the contents in one shot. Then, she placed the empty cup back onto the tray, smiled, and said, "Thank you. Can you also tell me how to get to the planning department?"

"Go downstairs, then turn left once you exit the elevator." Shocked, the secretary stared at the empty cup and answered Nian Xiaomu with wide eyes.

When she lifted her head, Nian Xiaomu had already disappeared from view.

She came back to her senses, ran back frantically with the empty cup on the tray, and informed her colleagues about her encounter using the company's phone extension.

"Yes, yes, yes. She has entering the elevator and is on her way down now. It looks like she is conducting an inspection on behalf of Young Master Han. All of you better be prepared!"

Yet another message appeared on the company's intranet with an attachment of Nian Xiaomu's disappearing silhouette.

[A mysterious lady appears to be conducting an inspection of the various departments on behalf of the president!]

All the departments seemed to be undergoing some kind of turmoil for some period of time.

The planning department, which had just received the notification via phone call, was the most anxious department of all.

The moment he heard that Nian Xiaomu was about to visit their department, the manager of the planning department gathered all of the employees immediately and stood by the entrance to await her arrival.

While in the descending elevator, Nian Xiaomu was still worried that she would be stopped outside the door. However, she saw a dark mob of people just when she reached the entrance of the planning department.

"Miss Nian!"

The resounding greeting shocked Nian Xiaomu, and she stumbled a few steps backward.

She plastered her entire body flat onto the noticeboardshe suspected that she had experienced a hallucination.

What kind of situation was this?

At the same time, there were also major movements from the public relations department on the same floor of the building.

With a phone in hand, Xie Jingjing rushed into Wen Yadai's office once again and asked, "Sister Yadai, why are you still sitting here? That Nian Xiaomu tried to assume unwarranted authority on the basis of some pretext and is actually inspecting the various departments under the name of Young Master Han. The public relations department could be the next one up!"