The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Attack using the strength of another

"What are you talking about?" Wen Yadai was stumped for words. She placed the documents down and looked at her in astonishment.

"Nian Xiaomu is touring the planning department now. According to the company's intranet, she is very likely to be conducting an inspection on behalf of Young Master Han. Furthermore, we are so close to the planning department..."

"Pass me my cell phone," Wen Yadai interrupted her and took the cell phone from her. She scanned the message on the screen and knitted her eyebrows.

"Sister Yadai, what should we do now? I heard that the manager of the planning department actually gathered the whole department just to welcome her! Shouldn't we prepare something as well?" Xie Jingjing was still clear-headed even though she was unwilling to submit—she was the head of the public relations department after all.

All the departments had taken this situation seriously and done some preparation; they would obviously be courting death if they were the only department that neglected her.

Xie Jingjing had thought this through. She would put her personal grudges aside, inform those from her department, and deal with Nian Xiaomu first.

However, before she had the chance to voice out her thoughts, Wen Yadai had already placed her phone down and said calmly, "You don't have to do any preparation."

"What?" Xie Jingjing was stunned.

She had thought that Wen Yadai would be the one who became anxious since Nian Xiaomu was already at the department next door.

She had never expected her to say that they did not have to do any preparation...

"This is not the first or second day since you started working at the Yu Corporation—when have you ever seen someone conducting an inspection on behalf of Young Master Han?" Wen Yadai lifted the cup of water and drank a sip of it to cover the cold look behind her eyes.

However, she had in fact underestimated Nian Xiaomu. How dare a nurse inspect the various departments just by borrowing Young Master Han's name?

Had Nian Xiaomu assumed that she was the Madam President because no one was clear about her status?

"Regarding Nian Xiaomu..."

"Work-wise, I have to say that the public relations department has been making an all-out effort, so we don't have to be afraid no matter who the guest is." Wen Yadai placed the cup down as a look of distress appeared on her face. She grabbed Xie Jingjing's hands after a period of hesitation.

"I didn't wanted to reveal this originally, but Nian Xiaomu has indeed gone overboard by tarnishing Young Master Han's reputation like this. I really don't know whether I should tell you this..."

"Sister Yadai, do you know something? Tell me about it quickly!" Xie Jingjing stamped her feet with anxiety when she saw that Wen Yadai was holding something back at the tip of her tongue.

"In that case, you must promise me that you won't let it slip and won't make a big deal out of it. Do you hear me?" Wen Yadai instructed Xie Jining repeatedly and finally talked about it after she agreed. "From what I know, Nian Xiaomu is not related to Young Master Han in any way. She is just Xiao Liuliu's nurse."

"Nurse?" Xie Jingjing stared blankly.

Yu Yuehan ranked first on the list of rich young men in City H.

He was well-respected, noble, and so handsome that no one could be compared to him.

There were tons of young ladies from prestigious families who had wanted to get close to him, but none of them could find a chance to do so.

However, a nurse actually had wishful thoughts regarding the Prince Charming of everyone's eye and was inspecting the departments under the name of Young Master Han!

"If the staff on the company's intranet knew about this matter..."

"Jingjing! Have you forgotten everything that I said earlier?" Wen Yadai pretended to get angry and roared in a low voice.

Xie Jingjing was so shocked that her neck shrunk; it was rare for her to see Wen Yadai lose her temper. "Okay, I won't talk about it."

She took the cell phone and headed out unwillingly after she finished her sentence.

Her entire mind was flooded with what Wen Yadai had said just now.

For what reason could a lowly nurse get close to Young Master Han?

Just because she had a slutty face?

She would instantly feel the pain of falling down from high above the moment everyone learned about her identity!

Xie Jingjing hated that she could not spread the news on the company's intranet.

And personally reveal Nian Xiaomu's true colors!

Feeling indignant, Xie Jingjing walked to her seat. The moment she reached her seat, she heard a loud greeting from the planning department, wich was next to her department. Her eyes narrowed.

She seemed to have thought of something, and a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Whipping out her cell phone, she sent a message to her colleagues in the planning department...