The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 107

Chapter 107: I am going to expose her...

In the planning department

Nian Xiaomu was seated in the manager's office, was staring at the fruit platter and drinks in front of her, and felt rather confused.

Even if she did not have any experience working at a large corporation, she knew that such a situation was definitely abnormal.

Every department in the Yu Corporation had been too welcoming toward her.

They were so friendly toward her that she felt very uncomfortable.

Was it really because she was Xiao Liuliu's nurse?

"Look, Miss Nian. Are you satisfied with what we have prepared for you?" the planning manager placed his hands by his side and asked politely.

There was a sense of reverence in his tone.

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly got up from the sofa and replied, "You're too kind. I was only curious about what each department does and that was why I came over to take a look. I hope I didn't disturb anyone. These things... are actually not necessary..."

Nian Xiaomu tried to think of the most tactful way to decline his offer.

Although Yu Yuehan had said that she could go around the company with Xiao Liuliu, she knew that it would be wrong if she disturbed the people at work.

She was aware of what was appropriate to do, and what wasn't.

"If Miss Nian is interested in taking a look, it is the honor of the planning department. Let me show you around the department," the planning manager said enthusiastically.

At this, Nian Xiaomu quickly turned down the offer. "No need, no need. I can just look around on my own and won't trouble you."

Only a super VIP would enjoy the privilege of being shown around by a department manager.

"All right. I happen to have work that is on a deadline. I'll ask my secretary to show you around." The department manager thought that she wanted to keep a low profile and did not try want to overly fawn over her. Then, he threw a meaningful glance at his secretary.

The secretary stepped forward immediately and gestured to her, "Miss Nian, this way please."

When they disappeared from the manager's office, someone in the planning department received a text message from Xie Jingjing and hurriedly approached the manager.

"What did you say? A nurse? Is the news accurate?" The planning manager looked up, the color on his face changing instantly when he heard the update.

The person who had entered the room quickly nodded. "It seems like she is a nurse who was specially hired to look after Little Miss after Little Miss got into a car accident. Although there is no hard proof, it is not a stretch from whole truth."

When he heard that Nian Xiaomu was only a nurse, the planning manager's face turned black.

The entire department had actually gone out to welcome and also prepared so many things for a mere nurse...

If word spread to other departments, they would surely be humiliated to death!

"This Nian Xiaomu is too loathsome. Manager, I am going to expose her now..."

"Stop right there!" called out the planning manager in a low voice as he dragged her back. "Don't you think it's already very embarrassing? Let's just pretend that we do not know about it. If she wants to take a tour, we will send her off once she's done here."

Since there was no hard proof, there was a possibility that the news could be inaccurate.

After all, the planning manager was an old hand in the industry and was experienced in handling tricky matters.

Since everything had been prepared, they should proceed accordingly.

So far, not everyone knew about Nian Xiaomu's identity. The others still assumed that she was conducting an inspection on Master Han's behalf.

If they were to expose her, it would surely turn ugly.

"All right, just follow my instructions." The planning manager returned to his work desk and got back to work.

The news spread very quickly in the planning department.

Only Nian Xiaomu was still unaware of what was going on. However, she felt that everyone's attention was on her all of a sudden.

Plus, their expressions were strangely fishy.