The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Young, pretty, and energetic

It was like this person had emerged from the cracks of a rock.

Without any trace...

If there was someone in City H that even the Yu Family could not check up on, either the name was fake or it could only mean one other possibility.

The details of her background had been doctored by someone!

"By the way Young Master, there is information about Nian Xiaomu after she turned 20. It's just that it is not much different from Fang Zhenyi's. She enrolled to study at the nursing school and later obtained her certification..." the assistant reported every single detail that he had found out in his investigation.

Compared to Fang Zhenyi, Nian Xiaomu did appear very low-key.

There was very little discussion about her in school. It was as if she had turned up at the last minute to hurriedly obtain a certification and then disappeared...

Yu Yuehan sat on his work chair, tapping the side of the table with his long slender fingers.

The images of meeting Nian Xiaomu at the hospital for the first time flashed through his mind.

Young, pretty, and energetic.

These three words described her perfectly.

She had a pair of animated eyes that was devoid of any craftiness.

However, he was surprised when she demonstrated the kind of resolve that refused to concede defeat after he had expressed doubt about whether or not she was qualified to stay and look after Xiao Liuliu.

Yu Yuehan's eyes landed on the traffic accident report on the table, and his gaze turned cold.

"Where is she now?"

Startled, the assistant replied, "Downstairs, keeping Little Miss company."

Hearing that, Yu Yuehan dark eyes narrowed. He got up from his seat and walked out slowly.

When he went downstairs, he saw Xiao Liuliu eating snacks by herself in the living room. Only the butler was next to her.

"Where's the person looking after Xiao Liuliu?" Yu Yuehan's eyebrows knitted together.

The butler shuffled forward and replied, "Young Master, Little Miss was unwilling to be looked after by two people. I arranged a schedule and asked Fang Zhenyi to rest first. Currently, Nian Xiaomu is looking after Little Miss, and she is in the bedroom..."

Before the butler could finish what he had to say, Yu Yuehan had already stepped past him, walking straight into the room.

No one could resist shivering from his icy aura.

The butler was struck by shock and did not follow behind him.

Yu Yuehan was just about to reach the door when he heard a "dong dong" sound, like the sound of things being moved around.

"Xiao Liuliu, don't come in yet. Stay in the living room to play and Sister will be done shortly..." Nian Xiaomu was sorting out the toys in the room that Xiao Liuliu could not play with for the time being, carrying them all in her arms, and was just about to move them to a corner.

When she looked up, she saw a tall figure standing at the door.

A pair of deep and soulful eyes was staring at her chillingly.

The glare was so piercing that it made one afraid...

"Young Master H, Han..." Nian Xiaomu looked at the person standing in front of her, and her whole body stiffened up.

She instinctively tried to move backward, but forgot that there was a pile of big and small toys in her arms.

She tripped over her own feet and lurched forward instead, straight into Yu Yuehan!



She did not feel the pain that she had expected.

Nian Xiaomu opened her eyes in confusion. She was still feeling giddy when she heard a voice so haunting that it sounded like it was going to devour someone.

"Are you done squashing me?" The tone was one of gnawing and clenching teeth and filled with vexation.

Nian Xiaomu looked down to discover that she was pressing against that particular mound of ice and that someone was scowling at her with bloodthirsty eyes!

"I'll get up right now!" Nian Xiaomu's head was in a blur. She tried to hurriedly get up and used both hands to prop herself until she heard the man inhale deeply.

Then, she realized that her hands were pressed against his chest.

She quickly withdrew her hands.

"Pardon me, I touched wrongly."

Yu Yuehan: "..."