The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 111

Chapter 111: A woman who says yes, but means no

Nian Xiaomu grabbed his neck in surprise and was about to let out a scream when he steadied her in his arms and walked toward the office.

She felt a bit stunned and wanted to say that she could walk on her own.

However, when she met with his cold eyes, she couldn't open her mouth and silently choked back what she had wanted to say.

She simply allowed him to carry her back to the president's office.

"Go and get an ice pack," he said in a low voice after he placed Nian Xiaomu down on the sofa.

She instinctively wanted to stand up, but her shoulder was pressed down by him in the next second.

"Don't move!"

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

Didn't he ask her to get an ice pack?? How could she get one if she didn't move?

When he shifted his body, she realized that the assistant was standing in front of them.

She let out two coughs and sat down.

Nian Xiaomu rubbed her nose awkwardly. So he hadn't been talking to her...

"Young Master, here is the ice pack." The assistant retrieved the ice pack very quickly from the kitchen and passed it to Yu Yuehan.

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly reached out for the ice pack. "You don't need to go through the trouble. I can do it. Have you forgotten that I am a nurse?"

"Right. A nurse who twisted her ankle, but insisted on walking," a sarcastic voice replied to her.

Those curled lips looked like a smile, but felt like a sneer.

Did she offend him?

That shouldn't be. She had given him all her braised meat.

Nian Xiaomu fell into a daze for a few seconds as the ice pack changed hands.

Yu Yuehan's distinguished figure stood before her. His perfect face was against the light as he stared at the dazed Nian Xiaomu. He asked coolly, "Are you waiting for me to remove your shoes?"

"..." Nian Xiaomu felt a shiver go down her spine and swiftly kicked off her shoe.

A fair and delicate foot was exposed in midair.

Nian Xiaomu never thought he would really disregard his regal status to apply the ice pack for her. When she saw him raise his hand, she was so shocked that she almost jumped from the sofa. He glared at her when she moved.

That frosty look scowled at her until she shrank back and stayed very still.

Although it hurt when the ice pack was pressed against her ankle, she kept it in and did not dare to complain.

She was afraid that she would annoy the iceberg. Even if her foot was fine, her neck might be wrung by him.

He threw her a look. "You can tell me if it hurts."

"It doesn't hurt... Ouch!" Nian Xiaomu had tried to bear with the pain, but when he pressed onto her ankle, she could not help it and yelped in pain.

Her almond eyes opened slightly and stared back at him.

It had been intentional!

"A woman who says yes, but means no." Yu Yuehan felt that the ice pack was no longer cold and changed to a new one. His handsome face was not too expressive, but his movements looked more relaxed.

When he was done applying the ice pack for her, he stood up from the sofa."

"Try and see if you're better."

"There was really nothing to begin with..." Nian Xiaomu muttered under her breath as she stood up. She was going to walk two rounds to prove that she was fine already. In the end, she only took one step forward before she accidentally tripped over the coffee table.

Her whole body plunged forward and right into Yu Yuehan, who was standing in front of her. She ended up pressing him down on the sofa!

Her hands were placed against his muscular chest...

Two pairs of eyes met, and the air seemed to have become still.

The two of them were very close together.

She looked up and met with his deep gaze. His body had a crisp peppermint scent and a distinctive air of charged testosterone.

"Pretty Sister wants to play kissing with Daddi?"

They did not know when Xiao Liuliu had woken up and ran out of the rest lounge carrying her piggy doll. When she saw the two people sprawled on the sofa, her soft and cuddly body ran forward to crawl onto the armrest of the sofa.

Her little head tilted to one side, and she watched earnestly with her big eyes wide open.

"Why aren't you kissing yet?"