The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Loving toward one another

Sitting by the side, Wen Yadai watched Xiao Liuliu feed a biscuit to Nian Xiaomu's mouth, and her hands curled into tight fists.

She consoled herself in her heart with the fact that children did not know any better and probably did not care about the order of preference.

If she waited a bit longer, Xiao Liuliu would definitely feed her a piece too.

However, Wen Yadai waited and waited, only to watch Xiao Liuliu put the last piece of biscuit into her own mouth. She had been completely disregarded!

Wen Yadai sat there like an outsider, watching the family of three acting loving toward one another...

There was not much change in her facial expression, but her hands had already clenched into tight fists on her knees.

She must not be impatient.

Perhaps the child was greedy and that was why she fed herself first.

Soon, it would be her turn too...

As this thought struck Wen Yadai's mind, she watched Xiao Liuliu whip out a piece of biscuit from the packet and turn toward her.

Her heart squealed in delight!

Then, she straightened and tilted her body on the sofa, wearing a gentle smile on her face as she waited for Xiao Liuliu to run over to her.

However, Xiao Liuliu did not move at all. Her cute little head cocked to the side, and she said politely, "Thank you Auntie for the biscuits."

Afterward, she turned and fed the biscuit to Nian Xiaomu's mouth.

Wen Yadai: "...!"

She was disregarded just like that?

Plus, why did Xiao Liuliu call Nian Xiaomu "Pretty Sister," but call her "Auntie" instead?


The smile on Wen Yadai's face froze.

Even with superior upbringing, she would not be able to smile after that.

"We can go now." Yu Yuehan shut the document folder in his hands, got up from the work desk, and calmly put on his jacket.

He walked forward and took Xiao Liuliu from Nian Xiaomu's arms.

Then, he stepped out of the office while carrying her.

When he got to the door and saw that Nian Xiaomu was still spacing out, he stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her.

Nian Xiaomu immediately snapped out of her daze!

She dashed toward him before he could say "Short Legs."

Together, they walked out of the president's office.

"Master Han..." Wen Yadai had just picked up her gift bags when she realized that he had walked out without even looking at her properly.

She thought that she would be able to find an opportunity to talk to Yu Yuehan when they got into the car.

However, once seated, Yu Yuehan carried Xiao Liuliu in his arms and closed his eyes to take a rest.

She could not find a chance to speak!

Wen Yadai tried to maintain her smile and looked at Nian Xiaomu, who was sitting in the corner. "You're so young and pretty, Miss Nian. Do you have a boyfriend?"


When Nian Xiaomu had gotten into the car, she had purposely picked the spot furthest away from Yu Yuehan's seat.

She wanted to take a short nap, but was shocked when she suddenly heard her name.

She looked up at Wen Yadai and saw that Yu Yuehan, who had been getting some shut-eye, had opened his eyes a split-second later.

He looked in her direction...

The pressure in the car became more intense.

Nian Xiaomu felt her hair stand on end from his glare.

"No, no," she replied.

Hearing that, a flash of light flickered in Wen Yadai's eyes. She smiled elegantly and said, "I couldn't tell at all. You are so pretty, but still single. I know quite a few eligible young men and can introduce them to you if you are interested. Just make new friends first."

Yu Yuehan's eyebrows furrowed tightly at Wen Yadai's words.

Soon after, they resumed their serene state.

Instead, his gaze upon Nian Xiaomu grew deeper.

Even Xiao Liuliu, who had been leaning against him, suddenly propped herself up. She blinked hard and stared straight at Wen Yadai!

It was as if she was trying to guard against anyone who was trying to snatch away her pretty sister.