The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 114

Chapter 114: What was he happy about?

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Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Had romantic luck come her way recently?

Why did everyone want to introduce her to a boyfriend?

Hearing Wen Yadai’s words, she was reminded of the first time she met Matriarch Yu. Matriarch Yu had held her hand and asked if she would consider Yu Yuehan.

The statement about becoming a mother as soon as she got married made her blush as her heart skipped a beat…

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and flushed when she recalled what had happened that day.

Yu Yuehan saw her reaction and assumed that she was considering the offer to get to know other men. Subsequently, the expression on his face became even more sullen.

At first the face was emotionless, but it suddenly turned a bit icy.

“Is Miss Nian shy?” Wen Yadai took in her reaction and teased her with a light smile.

Her tone was gentle and inoffensive.

“…” What?

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and raised her head.

Then, she swiftly shook her head in reply and said, “Thank you for your offer, but I don’t need it.”

Her head was filled with thoughts of making money to repay her debts. She was in no mood to look for romance.

After her words, the frosty atmosphere in the car dissipated.

She was still perplexed by what had happened and saw that Yu Yuehan had now lazily closed his eyes and started to pretend to sleep again.

His face was defined, handsome, and perfectly shaped. When his lips curled upward, it seemed that he was in good spirits.

What was he happy about…

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and did not try to figure it out anymore.

She shrank into her own seat and let out a yawn as she shut her eyes to take a nap.

Just then, the car arrived at the Yu villa.

Wen Yadai turned to look at Yu Yuehan, who was next to her. “I haven’t been here in a long time. Would you like to go with me to see Grandma? I’m sure she misses you.”

Yu Yuehan opened his eyes and looked toward the front.

The car had just entered the gate of the Yu family residence. The main villa was straight ahead while Matriarch Yu’s small courtyard was on the right.

“Turn right to Matriarch’s small courtyard,” Yu Yuehan suddenly spoke out. There were no emotions in his indifferent voice.

Hearing his words, Wen Yadai broke into a smile.

She perked up thinking about what was to come.

No matter how many women might appear next to him, she would always be the most special one to him and that was enough!

Later on, when she got to see Matriarch Yu, she would use this chance and suggest staying for dinner to keep the matriarch company.

In the Yu household, besides caring for Xiao Liuliu the most, the other person who mattered to him was the matriarch.

He was so filial that he would definitely stay behind.

Then, they could have dinner together…

Wen Yadai’s face grew even more radiant at the thought of that.

From the corner, she could still see Nian Xiaomu in the car and was still unable to accept her presence.

If Nian Xiaomu could alight first, then that would be even better!

Shooo. The car stopped at the small courtyard.

Wen Yadai tried to hide the excitement in her eyes. Before the driver opened the car door for her, she had already pushed it open and brought the gift bags along with her.

She took two steps forward and turned around, waiting gleefully for Yu Yuehan to alight.

After waiting for a minute, he still made no movement.

Just when she could not hold back any longer and wanted to raise a question, she heard his magnetic voice lazily say, “Why are you in a daze? Miss Wen has already been dropped off here. Return to the main villa.”

He was not looking at her, but at the driver seated in the front seat!

He had instructed the driver to drop by the small courtyard first not to keep her company, but to let her alight first?

Before Wen Yadai could react, the driver had already stepped on the accelerator and driven off.

Driven off…