The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 116

Chapter 116: The tigress lies low

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Although Nian Xiaomu had doubts, she did not think that it was a big deal to pour a glass of milk.

She placed Xiao Liuliu on the sofa and got her to hold a marker to do some coloring on her own. Then, she picked up the glass and looked at the secretary.

“Where is the milk?”

The secretary threw her a look, turned around, and ordered, “Follow me.”

Nian Xiaomu followed behind and entered the kitchen in the lounge.

Not only was there freshly delivered milk, there was a warmer too.

“The milk needs to be warmed for Little Miss to drink every day. You do it once and I will watch by the side. If there is any mistake, I will tell you,” said the secretary with crossed arms as she stood leisurely by the side.

Her tone was not exactly polite, but there wasn’t anything essentially wrong with it.

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t cook, so being in the kitchen made her slightly nervous.

At first, she had thought that she could cook noodles for herself. However, after burning down the kitchen yesterday and getting her bonus docked by Yu Yuehan, she had a phobia of stepping into the kitchen.

Luckily, it was only heating up milk.

She braced herself and poured the milk into the warmer, turning on the switch.

Ding! Very quickly, the milk started boiling.

She was about to pour it out when she heard the secretary remark sarcastically, “Don’t you know that the nutrients in the milk will decrease if the milk is boiled?”


“Redo a glass.” The secretary poured the milk that Nian Xiaomu had just prepared into the sink.

Nian Xiaomu frowned, but did not say anything.

It was her fault that she had been too nervous earlier and forgot to adjust the temperature.

She narrowed her eyes and placed another glass of milk into the warmer. This time, she carefully set the temperature to 60 degrees Celsius.

When the milk was warmed up, she poured it into the glass.

She was about to bring it to Xiao Liuliu when the secretary picked up the glass first and poured the contents into the sink.

“Little Miss only drinks milk at 45 degrees Celsius,” the secretary said, throwing a hostile look at her.

Then, she waved the empty glass in midair.

“…” Even if Nian Xiaomu was slow-witted, she would be able to tell that the other person was doing this intentionally.

It was only warming a glass of milk. If the secretary had the intention of teaching, she could have reminded Nian Xiaomu from the start.

The secretary did not have to wait until Nian Xiaomu had made a mistake to remind her.

Her face turned sullen and she asked, “Could you say all the habits that Xiao Liuliu has in one go??”

“These days, nurses have such hot tempers. I only asked you to warm some milk and you look like you want to devour me. If I asked you to do something else, wouldn’t you accuse me of torturing you?” The secretary placed her hand on her chest, exaggerating the look of horror on her face.

Then, she pulled a long face and started to reprimand Nian Xiaomu.

“Nian Xiaomu, don’t you forget that you are Little Miss’ nurse. Your responsibility is to look after Little Miss properly!”

“…” It was obvious that she was out to get her.

Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes, and a flash of light flickered in her eyes.

Pursing her lips, she did not speak, but merely turned around to prepare some milk at 45 degrees Celcius and poured it into the glass.

She put on a look of deference and held the glass up to the secretary, asking her cautiously, “Is this okay now?”

“If you had listened earlier, it would have been better. One must know her own limits…” the secretary said with an air of triumph as she reached out to hold the glass of milk.

She was just about to tighten her grip on the glass when Nian Xiaomu suddenly let go with her hand and took a step back.

The movement was swift and smooth…


The glass crashed onto the floor, and the warm milk splattered all over the secretary!