The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Change to anyone other than her

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“Ah!” the secretary shrieked and shook the milk off of herself. Her face pale with anger, she pointed at Nian Xiaomu and said, “Nian Xiaomu, how dare you spill milk on me?”

“Secretary Wang, I am innocent. As you’ve seen just now, I merely passed the milk to you. You were the one who did not hold it properly. How could you blame this on me?” Nian Xiaomu asked with an innocent face. Her entire body was clean, and she had shrunk to the door, avoiding all the areas that had been splashed by the milk.

“You, you…” the secretary stuttered. In the end, she did not manage to think of anything else to retort back with.

It was indeed her fault that the contents had spilled because she had not steadied the glass—she couldn’t insist that Nian Xiaomu had splashed the milk on her.

However, if Nian Xiaomu had not released her grip so quickly, Secretary Wang would not have spilled the contents in the glass!

The secretary gritted her teeth and hissed, “You don’t even know how to warm a glass of milk! How could you be able to take good care of Little Miss?”

“That’s right. For the sake of Little Miss, I will have to trouble you, Secretary Wang, for matters like warming milk,” Nian Xiaomu said with a grin. She brushed her hands and sashayed out of the kitchen.

After a long while, the stunned secretary who had been left behind finally realized that she had been tricked!

She had wanted to order Nian Xiaomu around, but in the end, Nian Xiaomu became the one who ordered her around!

With gnashed teeth, she held a glass of milk and headed to the guest sofa in the office.

She placed the glass of milk onto the coffee table. With a change of expression, she spoke up again.

“Go and bring up Little Miss’ medicine. They have been delivered to the lobby on level one.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu lifted her head and glanced at the secretary.

She remembered that the secretarial department had sent Xiao Liuliu’s medicine box directly to the president’s office when she was here yesterday.

However, it was indeed her job to care of Xiao Liuliu.

It was just a simple task of heading downstairs to retrieve a medicine box anyway.

Once she exited the president’s office, Nian Xiaomu headed directly down to the lobby of the Yu Corporation. She walked to the front desk and said, “I am here to retrieve Little Miss’ medicine box.”

“Medicine box?” asked the receptionist at the front desk in confusion. After a while, she finally explained, “We have already sent it to the secretarial department. The medicine box should be at…”

The receptionist at the front desk flipped through the duty roster, raised her head, and said, “It is with Secretary Wang.”


Again, it had been on purpose.

They had assumed that she was a nice target to bully since she had not displayed her power!

Nian Xiaomu turned around and walked toward the elevator. When she was back at the president’s office, she saw that Secretary Wang was inside with Xiao Liuliu. Secretary Wang scowled the moment she saw Nian Xiaomu. “I told you to retrieve the medicine box, so why did you return empty handed?”

She looked at Xiao Liuliu even before Nian Xiaomu had a chance to speak.

“Little Miss, someone was too lazy to change your dressing even though your hand has not recovered yet. A nurse like her does not have the ability to take good care of you.”

There were many things that Xiao Liuliu did not understand since she was still a child.

From Secretary Wang’s sentence, it was clear that she was inciting disharmony on purpose!

Xiao Liuliu was drawing with great concentration. Since one of her arms was injured, her body was on the verge of leaning entirely onto the coffee table.

When she heard what the secretary said, her huge dark eyes blinked. She knitted her tiny eyebrows.

The secretary noticed that she seemed to be displeased. With a smirk, she continued on and added more details, “Some people simply don’t have their minds focused on their jobs. She would only mistreat you further if she continued to stay on. Why don’t you tell Young Master Han to change your nurse?”

“Change to who?” Putting down her marker, Xiao Liuliu pouted her lips and supported her tiny chin with her hand.

She looked like she was seriously pondering over this.

The secretary was elated and said hurriedly, “Change to anyone other than Nian Xiaomu!”

Nian Xiaomu only managed to show off and strut around in the office because she was Little Miss’ nurse. If Secretary Wang could convince Little Miss fire her personally, then let’s see how she would pick herself up from all this humiliation!