The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 118

Chapter 118: It was different from what she had imagined

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As the secretary finished her sentence, the door of the office was suddenly pushed open.

Yu Yuehan had just finished his meeting. His noble figure emerged and strolled in through the door.

The assistant beside him seemed to be reporting something to him.

“Young Master Han,” the secretary greeted him respectfully. After which, she took her place beside Xiao Liuliu, her heart secretly rejoicing.

Young Master Han returned just after she convinced Little Miss to change her nurse from Nian Xiaomu.

It all happened just at the right time—strike while the iron is still hot!

With a glance, the secretary squatted down and asked, “Little Miss, didn’t you mention that you had something to tell your daddy just now?”

“…” Yu Yuehan was listening to his assistant’s report and was about to walk to his desk when he heard what the secretary said. He paused in his steps and turned around, looking in the direction of Xiao Liuliu.

He raised his hands lightly and indicated for his assistant to hold on.

Everyone in the Yu Corporation knew that Yu Yuehan’s daughter was the most precious thing in his life.

Otherwise, he would not have brought her along everywhere he went.

He put all his work aside the instant he heard that his little princess wanted a word with him. With raised eyebrows, he looked at Xiao Liuliu, who sat on the sofa.

With his gaze, he asked her what she wanted to say.

“Little Miss, hurry and say it!” the secretary beside her urged.

She had it all planned—the moment Little Miss voiced out personally that she did not want to be under the care of Nian Xiaomu, she would immediately push the blame of the two incidents just now regarding the warming of the milk and medicine box on to Nian Xiaomu.

This would further affirm the fact that Nian Xiaomu had not taken good care of Little Miss.

Young Master Han would be enraged at that point in time.

Perhaps he would even fire Nian Xiaomu on the spot and ask her to pack up and leave!

Xiao Liuliu laid flat on the coffee table table, and her little eyes became more and more tightly knit.

She twisted her head and took a look at the secretary who had been urging her, then raised her head and glanced at Nian Xiaomu. Finally, she stood up and sprinted toward Yu Yuehan with her tiny, soft body.

Reaching out, she hugged his legs and raised her tiny head.

“Daddi, can I replace this auntie?”

Xiao Liuliu pointed her fair and tender fingers at Secretary Wang!

When she heard that Xiao Liuliu requested to have a change of staff, the secretary chirped on without thinking, “Young Master Han, the issue is that Nian Xiaomu does not know how to take care of Little Miss…”

Before she finished her piece, she suddenly realized that she was the one who was being pointed at. Stumped, she stood rooted to the ground.

A chill trickled down her spine when she saw Yu Yuehan’s unsympathetic gaze.

She tried hard to maintain and steady her emotions. Pulling off a smile, she asked, “Little Miss, didn’t you get it wrong?”

They had originally agreed that Nian Xiaomu was the one to be replaced.

Why had she become the one?!

The secretary’s face turned pale in a flash!

There were so many employees in the secretarial department; the fact that she was Young Master Han’s secretary was solely because of the intense competition she had underwent. She had finally been transferred to the president’s office due to her splendid performance.

It was something that many had yearned for, but did not have a chance of, so it was very lucky for her!

“What happened?” With his dark and soulful eyes, Yu Yuehan lifted his little princess up.

His eyes drooped as he stared at her tender and delicate face.

The next second, his little princess pouted her lips and dove right into his chest without saying anything.

Was she angry because she did not see him agree to it?

Xiao Liuliu was not a spoiled child and would never make trouble without a reason either.

With a sunken gaze, Yu Yuehan carried her to the front of his desk and sat down. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at the secretary who seemed to be on tenterhooks.

Before she could speak, he coldly instructed his assistant beside him, “Transfer her away from the president’s office.”

“Young Master Han…” Secretary Wang was so astonished that her eyes opened wide.

She didn’t even know what had happened.

Why had things turned out to be so different from what she had imagined in just the blink of an eye? Things had still been perfectly fine just now!