The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Young Master Han is waiting for you

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When Wen Yadai heard this, a flash appeared in her eyes, and she pushed away the hands that were grabbing onto her arms.

Her gaze hinted that she was inwardly angry. “I had reminded you that anyone else could be provoked, except for Xiao Liuliu. Why did you not listen to me?”

She had put in so much effort just to arrange for someone close to her to work in the president’s office.

Even though Wang Tianli was not very competent in other areas, she was very good at doing her own job. In addition, there were few in the company who knew of their ties as distant relatives.

Wen Yadai would have benefitted if Wang Tianli had continued working in the president’s office.

As such, Wen Yadai had been lending her distant cousin a helping hand the whole time.

However, she never thought that Wang Tianli would lose her cool just like that.

“I did not provoke Xiao Liuliu! I only wanted to give Nian Xiaomu some punishment…” A muddled look appeared on Wang Tianli’s face when she recalled the situation at that time.

No matter how hard she thought, she could not understand how she had provoked Xiao Liuliu in any way.

It had been absolutely fine in the beginning.

“You should be very clear about Young Master Han’s temper and know that he will not easily change anything he has decided. Right now, it would be useless for me to plea for leniency on your behalf. Other people would feel that I am biased toward you.”

“Then what should we do now? Is leaving the president’s office the only path I can take?” Wang Tianli regretted it so dearly when she thought of this!

Wen Yadai held back her harsh words when she saw how devastated Wang Tianli was. Instead, she consoled, “Go back to the department where you were allocated first. Perform well at your new job and I will help you fight for the position in the president’s office when the opportunity arises.”

“Oh yes, you must help me take my revenge on that Nian Xiaomu…”

“Okay, enough! Don’t mention her name anymore. You should take care of yourself first since you are already so powerless now,” Wen Yadai lectured her with a serious face.

She managed to calm down and sent her away.

Xie Jingjing stood hidden outside the door and eavesdropped on a huge segment of their conversation. She entered the room right after Wang Tianli left.

Feeling indignant, she walked to the front of Wen Yadai’s desk and complained, “Sister Yadai, Tianli was subjected to such a huge grievance. Are you really not planning on seeking justice for her?”

“Young Master Han has always valued talents and nothing like this has happened before. Ever since that Nian Xiaomu appeared, people are starting to run out of luck every now and then. She is indeed a vixen!”

Wen Yadai’s gaze darkened.

A moment later, her expression was back to normal again.

She raised her head slowly and said, “You heard it all just now. This time, Young Master Han transferred Tianli away even before Nian Xiaomu said anything.”

“She is making use of Little Miss by doing that! If she allowed Young Master Han to see her true colors, she would be the one who was forced to leave!” Xie Jingjing became even more furious after she heard what Wen Yadai said.

“Sister Yadai, Young Master Han has always valued you since you are so competent at your work. As long as you say something, Young Master Han would surely…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Wen Yadai interrupted her sullenly. “Young Master Han has always been scrupulous in separating public from private interests. He would never punish Nian Xiaomu at random because of me!”

With a change of topic, the tone in her voice became desolate.

“Moreover, Nian Xiaomu is so beautiful. Let alone Young Master Han, I would also hate to reproach her.”

“She can only boast about that face!” Xie Jingjing stamped her feet with jealousy.

When she saw this, Wen Yadai closed her eyes and hid the rays of light under her eyes.

She should stop since she had managed to get her point across. She took the documents that were on the desk and walked out.

She went up to the president’s office, which was on the top floor.

“I am here to report the latest work progress to Young Master Han.”

“Young Master Han has been waiting for you. Manager Wen, please come in.” The assistant pushed the door open and led her in.