The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 121

Chapter 121: A confidential agreement

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With the documents in her arms, Wen Yadai tidied her appearance before she stepped out and only walked forward after she had ensured that she looked fine.

She followed the assistant and entered the office.

The moment she lifted her head, she saw Yu Yuehan, who was browsing through documents in front of the desk.

His handsome face drooped down slightly while rays of light shone around him as he concentrated on his work. Although everyone else could only watch him from a distance, they could not open their eyes because of the glaring rays he was emitting.

“Young Master Han.” Wen Yadai hid the admiration in her eyes and walked forward.

Just when she wanted to say something, she realized that there was someone else sitting on the guest sofa.

Xiao Liuliu laid flat on the coffee table and was scribbling all over with her marker while Nian Xiaomu sat by her side and read a book.

She looked like the mistress of the family with her relaxed posture.

Wen Yadai’s gaze tightened as a ray of light flashed past her eyes.

“Have a seat.” Yu Yuehan placed the documents down when he saw her. He shifted his gaze toward the chair before him and motioned for her to sit down.

Wen Yadai was an expert in public relations; she could control her mood very well in both her work and personal matters.

She came back to her senses immediately the moment she heard his voice.

She pulled out the chair and sat down.

“The collaboration with Sheng Da Science and Technology has officially been established. President Chen is very satisfied with our proposal that was drafted by the public relations department, especially the suggestions given for the packaging and publicity of the new project. They will send someone over today to discuss the specific details…”

Wen Yadai was very professional when she talked about work.

Her tone was neither servile nor overbearing. At the same time, her confident and unhurried body language emitted the charms of a career woman.

Furthermore, her pretty looks and concise manner of presentation made those talking to her feel very comfortable as well.

Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up slightly. It was unclear if she was attracted by the contents that they were discussing or if it was for other reasons, but she subconsciously put down the book on nursing knowledge that she had been reading and listened to their conversation.

Her gaze turned increasingly focused when she heard Wen Yadai talk about keywords such as “public relations tactics,” “execution and publicity,” and “packaging.”

She herself wasn’t sure why was she so interested in this.

“The public relations department will follow up comprehensively regarding the execution at the later stage of the project. I have also listed all the other departments that we would need help from in addition to the core of the project…” Wen Yadai stopped abruptly in the middle of her speech.

She twisted her head and looked in Nian Xiaomu’s direction. Her expression became cautious.

“Young Master Han, this collaboration is extremely important. I have already signed a confidentiality agreement with Sheng Da Science and Technology.”

Even though she did not finish her piece, the meaning behind her words was very clear.

Nian Xiaomu was the only outsider in the office.

Naturally, they could not allow her to listen in on the contents of their continued discussion.

Even if she was Xiao Liuliu’s nurse and had Xiao Liuliu there to shield her, Yu Yuehan was scrupulous in separating public from private interests when it came to matters that were related to work.

Sometimes, it was very easy to get someone to recognize their own identity.

You just had to let her know that she still would not be deserving even if she wore a pair of glass slippers on her feet!

Nian Xiaomu had been listening intently and was waiting for Wen Yadai to continue. Suddenly, she met their gazes and came back to her senses with a jolt.

She instantly understood what Wen Yadai meant.

“I’ll bring Xiao Liuliu out to play for a while?” asked Nian Xiaomu. As she spoke, she had already reached out to carry Xiao Liuliu and was preparing to coax her into going for a stroll outside.

When Wen Yadai saw this, the corner of her mouth lifted into a calm smile; one that masked its contempt.

She waited for Yu Yuehan to speak up and chase Nian Xiaomu out of the office.

However, as if a cello was slowly being played, what she heard the next second was his magnetic voice say, “No need for that. Stay if you want to listen.”

Wen Yadai: “…!!”