The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 124

Chapter 124: New, original, special, and full of challenges

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She did not reveal a single hint of surprise when she saw Xie Jingjing. Instead, she threw the documents onto the desk and sat down in the chair, seemingly exhausted.

“Don’t ask about it.”

“She just caused Tianli to be transferred out of the president’s office, and now, she is here in the public relations department. What is she up to exactly? Trying to show off her power?” Xie Jingjing grumbled indignantly when she saw Wen Yadai’s face.

“Calm down. Do you think that I love her presence? You are very clear about what has happened over the past two days. She mentioned that she wanted to tour the public relations department in Young Master Han’s presence—how could I, the manager, reject that?” Wen Yadai reached out and massaged her forehead.

Her voice sounded hoarse.

“Don’t probe any further, receive her properly, and don’t leave behind any pretext for gossip. Give me a moment of peace.”

“… Alright, I got it!” Xie Jingjing gritted her teeth; flames nearly poured out of her eyes.

The next second, she turned around and exited the manager’s office of the public relations department.

The moment that Xie Jingjing’s wrathful back disappeared out of sight, Wen Yadai lifted her downcast eyes slowly—a sneer crept up from the corner of her mouth.

She leaned against the back of her chair. Lifting up her cup of coffee leisurely, she took a small sip.

The look that had been filled with exhaustion and grievance from earlier had completely disappeared without a trace.

“Miss Nian, let me introduce the staff that work in the public relations department…” As the secretary finished her sentence, numerous people raised their heads and greeted her; it was a harmonious atmosphere.

It could be observed that the employees in the public relations department were more lively and extroverted.

So much so that someone took the initiative and poured a cup of water for Nian Xiaomu.

“The work of the public relations department seems very easy from an outsider’s point of view, but in fact, there are a lot of matters we need to pay particular attention to. Look at this, there is a display wall over there—that wall records all the major projects that our department has completed over the last few years…” said the secretary as Nian Xiaomu was led toward the exhibition wall.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind them, “What can you observe from the exhibition wall? Those were past cases; the public relations department did not perform at their best on those.” With a cup of coffee in hand, Xie Jingjing walked forward from the back.

She handed the cup over to Nian Xiaomu and said, “Freshly ground mocha. Do you want to taste it?”

Nian Xiaomu’s gaze crossed over the cup of coffee in Xie Jingjing’s hand and focused on her.

“Xie Jingjing, our supervisor in the public relations department,” the secretary softly explained to Nian Xiaomu at the side.

When she heard this, a ray of light flashed across Nian Xiaomu’s eyes and she asked, “What did you say just now? Which area is the public relations department most proficient in?”

“Every case is just any other ordinary case when it is completed. If you want to talk about the things that are the most interesting of all, that would be the projects that are currently in progress. They are new, original, special, and full of challenges,” Xie Jingjing placed the coffee in her hand and continued explaining.

“The public relations department is executing one of the Yu Corporation’s most important projects of the year. Do you want to take a look?”

“The collaboration project with Sheng Da Science and Technology?” Nian Xiaomu asked subconsciously.

She remembered that Wen Yadai had mentioned Sheng Da Science and Technology just now when presenting the report.

Xie Jingjing had not expected for Nian Xiaomu to even know about this. Her eyes darkened and she replied swiftly, “Yes, that is the project I am referring to. I am the one who handled the latest executive report that was just published not long ago. There aren’t many confidential details in the proposal for the previous stage—I can allow you to take a look if you’re interested.”

As Xie Jingjing finished speaking, she turned around, faced the secretary, and ordered, “Leave her to me. You may go and work on your own assignments.”

Once the secretary left, Xie Jingjing took the lead and walked toward her desk. After which, she opened up her laptop.

She sat Nian Xiaomu down in her desk chair, clicked open a document, and said, “This is the one. You can take your time and read it slowly.”

Nian Xiaomu felt that something was wrong—Xie Jingjing was being too enthusiastic. After taking a glance, Nian Xiaomu wanted to get up from the seat when a hand suddenly pressed down onto her shoulders!