The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 125

Chapter 125: She is a bane

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Astonished, Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at Xie Jingjing, who was beside her. She brushed Xie Jingjing’s arm away subconsciously and stood up from the chair.

Just in the split second when Nian Xiaomu got up, Xie Jingjing suddenly stretched her hand out and flipped the laptop off the desk!


The laptop landed on the ground with a loud bang, and the screen shattered in an instant; it flickered twice before it sunk into complete darkness.

Nian Xiaomu was completely startled at that moment and stared at the person before her in disbelief.

Just when she wanted to say something, Xie Jingjing went ahead of her and cried out in alarm, “Aiya! Nian Xiaomu, why are you so careless? This laptop contains the latest executive report!”

Xie Jingjing walked across from her. She picked up the laptop from the ground and pressed the power button again.

An anxious look filled her face…

Nian Xiaomu stared at her blankly. If she had not personally witnessed Xie Jingjing reach out to flip the laptop off the desk, perhaps she might have been deceived as well.

The colleagues around them turned toward them uniformly and stared at them when they heard the sounds of the commotion.

Even Wen Yadai, who was in her office, came out.

“What happened? Why is it so noisy?” Dressed in a professional suit, Wen Yadai walked up swiftly. She knitted her eyebrows after she scanned the scene in front of her.

“Sister Yadai…” Hugging the laptop that could no longer be switched on, Xie Jingjing instantly burst into tears.

“I don’t know either. I saw that Nian Xiaomu was very interested in the job scope of our department, so I allowed her to read the executive report which I had just written out of good intention. I certainly didn’t expect her to drop and break my laptop.”

“The executive report for Sheng Da Science and Technology?” Wen Yadai’s expression changed slightly.

A moment later, the look on her face sunk when she saw Xie Jingjing nodding her head.

“Where’s the spare copy? Don’t all the important reports have a spare copy?”

Xie Jingjing sobbed even more pitifully when she heard this. “I just finished writing it and didn’t have time to prepare a spare copy. I did not expect that something like this would happen…”

Wen Yadai: “…”

Yu Yuehan got wind of the news and proceeded to the public relations department.

Wen Yadai had already edited out the incriminating frames of the CCTV footage by then.

From the angle of the CCTV recording, Xie Jingjing had her back to the camera and could only be seen standing behind Nian Xiaomu in the footage. As both of them chatted on, Nian Xiaomu suddenly stood up from the chair. Then, the laptop crashed to the ground…

The incident happened within both a very short and very sudden frame of time.

It was currently unclear if the footage had been tampered with. However, it could be observed from the CCTV footage that everyone had received Nian Xiaomu with warm hospitality from the moment she entered the public relations department.

This also applied to Xie Jingjing; the cup of mocha coffee that she had made for Nian Xiaomu was still on the desk.

After the incident occurred, Xie Jingjing did not imply that Nian Xiaomu had done it on purpose either. Instead, she only mentioned that Nian Xiaomu knocked over the laptop because she had been careless.

“I have already scheduled an appointment with President Chen from Sheng Da Science and Technology at noon today. They are currently on their way here and will arrive at the Yu Corporation in less than an hour’s time!” exclaimed Wen Yadai, who stood up immediately when she saw Yu Yuehan.

When he heard this, the look on Yu Yuehan’s face darkened slightly.

The client was already on their way here, but a slip-up had occurred at this point in time. What explanation should they provide when the client arrived?

The entire company’s reputation could be affected just because of this incident!

“Young Master Han, Manager Wen has nothing to do with this report. I am responsible for it, but I did not expect for something like this to happen…” As Xie Jingjing spoke, she twisted her head and glanced at Nian Xiaomu; there were words at the tip of her tongue.

The way she behaved instantly caused the others to think that there was something else that she wanted to hide and did not want to tell.

However, it was also a known fact that wherever Nian Xiaomu had been these two days, there was bound to be trouble!