The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 126

Chapter 126: So crazy!

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“Even if it wasn’t intentional, she should have at least apologized when she damaged the laptop…”

“Jingjing is so down on her luck. She was so kind to speak up for that person, but that person did not even say a word of thanks…”

“All of us worked hard to rush out this report. What are we going to do now when the people from Sheng Da will be here soon?”


There was a hushed discussion among the surrounding people.

When she saw that everyone’s attention was on Nian Xiaomu, a flash of light flickered across Xie Jingjing’s eyes!

This was the result that she wanted.

Nian Xiaomu had only been around in the company for two days, yet she had already landed people from the planning and secretarial departments in trouble. Now, it was the public relations department…

What would people think?

She did not say that Nian Xiaomu had done it intentionally, but everyone would probably harbor suspicions toward her.

Even if it could eventually be proven that Nian Xiaomu had not done it on purpose, it was a fact that the report had been ruined by her hand.

Even if she were not a scheming b*tch, she would at least be a jinx in everyone’s eyes!

Even if he did not fire her, Master Han would surely keep her at a distance and not allow her to enter the company again. What else would Nian Xiaomu use to show off then?

When she thought of this, Xie Jingjing’s lips curled into a sinister smile.

In contrast to Xie Jingjing, who had been hugging the laptop and acting pitiful, Nian Xiaomu was a picture of calm even when all the fingers were pointing at her as the real culprit.

In fact, she had not even spoken a word to defend herself from the start until now.

She only stood in front of Xie Jingjing’s seat, deep in thought with her eyebrows knitted.

Yu Yuehan followed her line of vision and noticed that she was looking at the documents on the table. From the headings, they appeared to be a summary of proposals from the various teams.

Xie Jingjing’s report must have been written using these original materials.

Why was she looking at that instead of explaining herself?

With a glint of mischief in her eyes, Wen Yadai walked toward Yu Yuehan and said, “Master Han, all we can do is explain the situation to Sheng Da Science and Technology and request that they allow us to postpone the meeting for a day…”

“Could you lend me a laptop?” Nian Xiaomu suddenly spoke up.

She turned and looked toward Yu Yuehan.

Her animated eyes were sparkling with a glow that no one could figure out.

She just looked fixedly at him, her gaze filled with sincerity.

“What are you trying to do, Nian Xiaomu?” Startled, Wen Yadai felt a surge of uneasiness within her.

However, when she thought about it further, she felt that it was not possible.

Nian Xiaomu was a nurse. She did not even understand the contents of the project. How would she be able to come up with an executive report at the very last minute?

Wen Yadai steadied her nerves and ignored Nian Xiaomu’s request. She turned toward Yu Yuehan again and repeated, “Director Chen and I are on good terms. He has faith in my ability, so I am certain that he would understand our predicament.”

Nian Xiaomu had caused disruption to the work of the public relations department, but it was Wen Yadai who would help to resolve the issue.

This way, it would be even more obvious that Nian Xiaomu could not even match up to Wen Yadai’s little finger!

Wen Yadai stood in front of Yu Yuehan with confidence and awaited his response.

“Give her a laptop,” Yu Yuehan said. His gaze was not on her, but directed at Nian Xiaomu.

The surrounding people’s faces were frozen in shock at his words.

Especially Wen Yadai.

No matter how composed she was, she almost lost control at this moment.

“Master Han…”

“Giving an explanation is our last resort. Since the people from Sheng Da have not arrived yet, that means there is still time to make amends.” Yu Yuehan gestured for the person next to him to hand a laptop to Nian Xiaomu.

She had not said what she was going to do, but strangely, he could read her thoughts.

“Do you intend to depend on Nian Xiaomu?” Wen Yadai finally grasped what he was saying, and her jaw dropped in shock.