The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 127

Chapter 127: 39 minutes

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“I was on the phone with President Chen from Sheng Da Science and Technology just now. He was already leading his team from his company and is on his way—he will surely be here within an hour. That’s a really short period of time…”

Wen Yadai did not know how to continue elaborating.

Even if the task was passed on to her, she also would have no confidence in churning out an executive report in such a short period of time.

As such, her first reaction was to explain the situation to the other party and to try to push back the meeting time.

But now…

Wen Yadai was not the only person who did not trust Nian Xiaomu—all the employees from the public relations department who were present had bizarre expressions.

They stared blankly for a long time, but none of them spoke.

When they came back to their senses, all of them stared straight at Nian Xiaomu!

Nian Xiaomu took the computer from an employee. Ignoring the negative thoughts of the onlookers, she pulled out the chair and collected all the documents on the table before her.

As she browsed and read the documents, she simultaneously typed on the laptop at lightning speed.

The scenario of Wen Yadai reporting her work to Yu Yuehan floated in Nian Xiaomu’s mind.

She wouldn’t have been able to churn out an executive report without any background since she did not have any understanding of Sheng Da Science and Technology.

It was coincidental, however, that Yu Yuehan had just allowed her to listen to a report that no one else had the chance to hear.

Wen Yadai was the manager of the public relations department and everyone was aware of her capability—no one would know more than her regarding this project.

Previously, she had already explained the main outline of the project when she reported her work at the president’s office.

In addition, there was a bunch of information on Xie Jingjing’s desk.

Also, Nian Xiaomu had taken a glance at the executive report just now…

A grid seemed to have unfolded in Nian Xiaomu’s mind—one by one, she arranged all the requests and data from the clients onto the grid. Along with the movements of her fingers on the keyboard, she recorded these details bit by bit into the open document on the laptop.

Time ticked by.

As the contents of the report continuously appeared on the laptop screen, the public relations department, which had just been bustling with activity, gradually quieted down.

Yu Yuehan sat behind her. With deep and soulful eyes, his royal figure leaned against the back of his chair.

The person sitting before the laptop seemed to have changed into a completely different person.

Serious, concentrated, and with an aura that was all spread out…

She stared at the information in front of her with a very high browsing speed and multi-tasked as she continued to type.

If he had not remembered incorrectly, this mode of reading was a habit cultivated by people who had been reviewing documents for a long time. How was she able to do this?

He was not only astonished by this.

39 minutes.

From the start of when she received the laptop to the completion of the entire executive report—all of this only took her a grand total of 39 minutes.

Not even 40 minutes.

Almost everyone held their breaths when Nian Xiaomu stopped working.

They watched on as she connected the laptop to the printer, printed the entire report, and then handed it over to Yu Yuehan.

Even Wen Yadai couldn’t help but to stretch her neck out; she wanted to read the report that Nian Xiaomu had written.

When she realized her actions, she was startled and withdrew in a hurry.

She comforted herself internally.

No way. She might believe in Nian Xiaomu for other matters, but how could Nian Xiaomu, as a nurse, have the ability to do something that even Wen Yadai herself did not have the confidence to do?

She had to be deliberately deceiving herself.

Everything would be unmasked and the whole truth would be revealed by the time Young Master Han finished reading Nian Xiaomu’s report!

However, Yu Yuehan still had no reaction even after a minute had passed.

At the two minute mark, there were finally some changes in his gaze. Just when she felt secretly delighted that Nian Xiaomu was going to run out of luck, she discovered that the gleam from his eyes was actually full of praise and shock…

Before Wen Yadai understood what was going on, Yu Yuehan had already handed the report to her.

“You are the person in charge of the project. Take a look at this.”