The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 128

Chapter 128: He only had eyes for her

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“…” Wen Yadai stared at the report that Yu Yuehan had passed to her. She hesitated for a few seconds before taking it from him.

Xie Jingjing, who was standing next to her, subconsciously moved forward.

Like Wen Yadai, she had not thought that Nian Xiaomu would have been able to rewrite an executive report in such a short time.

When she clearly read the contents of the report in front of her, the color drained from her face.

She could not wait for Wen Yadai to finish going through it and impatiently snatched it over from her hands. She quickly flipped through to the end of the report and stood shell-shocked, clutching the report in her hands.

This report was very similar to her own.

There were a few changes made in the details, but Xie Jingjing could not find any fault in the content of these changes.

No one else had seen her report, but she knew it the best in her heart.

Nian Xiaomu’s report was even better than the one that she had written!

“This is impossible…” Xie Jingjing mumbled to herself as she clutched the report in her hands. She appeared to be shocked out of her wits.

A look of concern furrowed Wen Yadai’s brow. She took the report from Xie Jingjing’s hands.

The look in her eyes changed slightly.

“How is it Manager Wen?”

“You don’t think we can use a report that was written in such a short time right?”

“I recall that Nian Xiaomu is merely a nurse. What would she know about public relations…”


The surrounding colleagues looked toward Wen Yadai, waiting for her to speak.

Wen Yadai gripped the document tightly and wished that she could say that the report was useless. However, Yu Yuehan was sitting right there. She could fool everyone else, but she could not deceive him.

She could only tell the truth!

“Although there are areas for improvement, it is a pretty good proposal,” Wen Yadai replied professionally as she turned toward Yu Yuehan and tried to maintain her composure.

“…” Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered, but there was no way to see through the look in his eyes or guess what he was thinking.

His gaze was on Nian Xiaomu the whole time.

Wen Yadai watched in chagrin and frustration.

“Master Han, Director Chen and his team from Sheng Da Science and Technology have arrived,” reported a secretary who hurried in from outside.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan turned his chair around and raised his eyebrow at Wen Yadai as he said with an air of indifference, “Take Nian Xiaomu to meet with the people from Sheng Da and get her to go through the executive report.”

Wen Yadai: “…”

When she met with his cold gaze, she did not even dare to say “no” to him.

In addition to her outstanding competency at work, Yu Yuehan admired her ability to keep her work and personal feelings separate.

She should not ruin her image in his heart just because of Nian Xiaomu.

Through gritted teeth, she said to Nian Xiaomu, “You follow me.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu’s mind had been blank ever since she completed the report. When she heard Wen Yadai’s words, she instinctively looked toward Yu Yuehan.

She was about to say that she lacked experience when she saw him mouth the words: “Triple salary bonus at the end of the month.”

At once, Nian Xiaomu held her tongue and stopped herself from saying what she had wanted to say!

She followed Wen Yadai to the meeting room in the public relations departments.

Yu Yuehan got up nonchalantly and walked to Wen Yadai’s office. In her office, there was a surveillance system that showed what was going in the entire public relations department, including the meeting room!

When Yu Yuehan sat down, the secretary hurriedly served him a cup of coffee and placed it next to him.

“Master Han, do you have any other instructions?”


Yu Yuehan pursed his lips and did not reply. He gestured for the secretary to take his leave and then propped his head on his hand as he waited for Nian Xiaomu to appear on the screen of the surveillance system…