The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 129

Chapter 129: A Bane Turned Lucky Star

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Wen Yadai found Nian Xiaomu a set of professional clothing at the very last minute. With her hair coiled up, she looked neat and experienced.

At first, her delicate face revealed a hint of nervousness when she stepped foot into the guest room, but she soon acclimated into situation.

With her slim figure facing the front of the projector, she explained the highlights of the proposal in a calm and composed manner.

She looked like a crafty little fox during normal times due to her pair of quick-witted eyes and her bent eyebrows. However, at this moment, she revealed a strong and formidable aura; so much so that her gaze conveyed some of that power.

She became the focus of everyone present as she stood there.

She was very confident and was glowing with health and vigor.

Yu Yuehan sat in front of the computer and watched Nian Xiaomu through the screen—she was glowing from the inside. Her pretty and flirtatious eyes squinted as a complex look flashed past her eyes.

Tapping her tender and slender fingers softly on the tabletop, she sunk into deep thoughts.

The meeting would end very shortly.

With Nian Xiaomu at her side, Wen Yadai personally sent off the representatives from Sheng Da Science and Technology and returned back to the public relations department.

Everyone gathered at the public relations department and looked around in anticipation.

They gathered in front of the two ladies immediately after they appeared and asked, “Manager Wen, what is the situation like? “Was President Chen satisfied with the proposal that we put together?”

Xie Jingjing’s mood was the most restless out of all the people present.

She had bet on the fact that Nian Xiaomu did not know about the tactics of public relations and would not know what to do when problems arose with the executive report. Hence, she set Nian Xiaomu up to directly target this specific weakness of hers.

She had wanted everyone to think that Nian Xiaomu was a bane and wanted to incite hateful feelings toward her.

However, she had never expected that Nian Xiaomu would churn out a report at the very last minute—even doing it in front of the whole public relations department!

If President Chen was truly satisfied with the executive report, then everything she had planned would not end up being a slap to Nian Xiaomu’s face. Instead, it would turn out that Xie Jingjing had paved a bright path for her.

Not only had she not made Nian Xiaomu a bane in everyone’s eyes, she had even made her the lucky star of the public relations department!

When she thought about this, she could not calm down no matter what.

However, a trace of hope ignited within her when she lifted her head and saw Wen Yadai’s awful look.

Could it be that Nian Xiaomu had screwed up the report and that President Chen was unsatisfied with it?

Could he also have showered words of abuse and scolded her out of anger?

As these thoughts ran through her mind, she became very agitated. Squeezing to the front, she stretched out her hand and grabbed onto Wen Yadai’s hand.

“Manager, how was it exactly? You can just speak the truth—there’s no need to preserve anyone’s reputation!”

“…” Wen Yadai’s expression turned even uglier when she heard Xie Jingjing.

She pushed Xie Jingjing’s hand away and walked to Yu Yuehan.

“President Chen was very satisfied with our executive report. It was just confirmed that we will execute the project according to the proposal.”

When they heard this, voices of celebration immediately rang out in the public relations department.

Xie Jingjing was the only one who stood there blankly; she did not came back to her senses even after a long while.

She wanted to follow the example of the colleagues around her and laugh along, but her smiling turned out to be uglier than her crying…

Nian Xiaomu stood at the door and was calculating her tripled salary gleefully.

When she lifted her head and saw Xie Jingjing, she finally remembered that she had forgotten about something very important!

With narrowed eyes, she walked up to Yu Yuehan and said, “I was not the one who broke the laptop.”

It was bustling with noise and excitement in the public relations department.

Everyone was celebrating, so many of them did not notice what she said.

She repeated it again. When she saw that Yu Yuehan did not react to her, she thought that he had not heard what she said.

She raised her voice and repeated it yet again, “Xie Jingjing was the one who pushed the laptop off the table right before my eyes.”

The public relations department, which had just been bustling with noise, suddenly quieted down the moment she finished her sentence.

Everyone’s gaze changed, and all of them stared at her uniformly!