The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Evidence How Awkward

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Nian Xiaomu had only intended to tell Yu Yuehan that she was not the one who had caused any trouble for the public relations department. She was taken aback when she realized that everyone had heard what she said.

When she regained her composure, she straightened herself up.

Since she had said it out loud, she might as well explain it clearly.

“At that moment, I thought something wasn’t right, so I wanted to get up. Then, Xie Jingjing suddenly reached out and pushed the laptop to the floor…” said Nian Xiaomu with a crisp voice as she recounted the earlier situation in a calm tone.

If she had said all of this earlier when the incident had just happened, everyone would have accused her of trying to shirk responsibility and pushing the blame onto Xie Jingjing.

Right now, however, she was the one who had solved the problem for the public relations department.

Even if the laptop had really been damaged by her, she had made amends by rewriting the report.

There was absolutely no need to frame someone else.

This was why everyone spontaneously looked toward Xie Jingjing after Nian Xiaomu spoke out.

Xie Jingjing turned pale in panic. “Nian Xiaomu, what nonsense are you talking about? The laptop was obviously knocked over by you! I was being nice and explained the situation for you, yet you want to frame me for it? Where is your conscience?”

Xie Jingjing clenched her fists as her eyes burned with anger and indignation.

Wen Yadai had already checked the surveillance footage, and no one could tell who had knocked over the laptop. As long as she did not admit to it, there was no proof to back Nian Xiaomu’s words!

Xie Jingjing knew that victimizing herself would put her in a sympathetic light, so she turned to look at Yu Yuehan.

“Master Han, I’ve already been in the company for many years. I’ve always been very careful in my work, and my colleagues in the public relations department can vouch for me. I’m the one in charge of the executive report, so why would I jeopardize my own job?”

Xie Jingjing turned to face Nian Xiaomu as she talked.

“You claim that I was the one who damaged the laptop, yet let me ask you this. We bear no grudges against each other, so what good would this do for me?”


The look on everyone’s faces changed when she spoke.

Nian Xiaomu knitted her brows.

This was the issue that she could not figure out either.

They had had no interaction prior to this. Why would Xie Jingjing do this?

However, it was a fact that Nian Xiaomu had seen with her own eyes that Xie Jingjing had reached out to flip the laptop off the table!

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and turned toward Yu Yuehan.

She could not read what the emotions were beneath that aloof expression on his face.

His penetrative gaze swept across the people in the room. Then, he pulled a chair out and sat down as he said, “Check the footage from the surveillance camera at the door.”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

They did not understand what he was saying.

Hadn’t they already checked the surveillance cameras without finding anything?

What was the point of checking again?

Quickly, someone realized that the surveillance camera that he was talking about was different from the one that Wen Yadai had checked!

The surveillance camera in the office only captured the rear view of the two of them.

The surveillance camera at the door, however, could capture footage of their side profiles!

When this revelation struck Wen Yadai, she clenched her fists even more tightly.

She wanted to say something, but the secretary had already retrieved the footage from the surveillance camera right after Yu Yuehan gave the order.

As expected, the surveillance camera at the door distinctly recorded the scene of Nian Xiaomu getting up and Xie Jingjing suddenly raising her arm in the direction of where the laptop was…

Unfortunately, at the most critical moment, the two of them blocked what really happened to the laptop.

It was hard to say if Xie Jingjing had accidentally or purposely pushed the laptop off the desk.

However, this proved that Nian Xiaomu was not lying.

The culprit who had caused the laptop to crash to the floor was Xie Jingjing!

“No, it wasn’t me… It must be the angle of the surveillance camera. Master Han, I’ve always been very serious about my work. I would never risk my job like this…”