The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Negligent Incompetent And Irresponsible

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Xie Jingjing was completely flustered.

She rushed over to Yu Yuehan and explained in desperation, “Master Han, I did not do it on purpose. When Nian Xiaomu suddenly got up, the laptop fell off the table at the same moment. That was why I thought she was the one who had knocked it over!”

When Xie Jingjing saw that Yu Yuehan’s face was still icily indifferent and that he did not respond to her, she frantically turned to Wen Yadai.

“Manager Wen, you’re the manager of the public relations department. You know best what kind of person I am. I have been very serious about the collaboration with Sheng Da Science and Technology.”

“…” Wen Yadai’s eyes flickered.

She had thought that she could use this incident to get Yu Yuehan to stop Nian Xiaomu from going around the company. Little did she expect such a reversal of event in the follow-up after the incident.

She did not care about Xie Jingjing.

However, because Xie Jingjing was her subordinate after all, it would also be her responsibility should Xie Jingjing get into trouble.

She could not let Xie Jingjing be found guilty of intentionally framing Nian Xiaomu!

“Master Han, although Jingjing is in the wrong, she did not do it on purpose. She was the one who felt the most anxious when the laptop was damaged. Perhaps that was why she misunderstood Miss Nian. Now that the misunderstanding has been cleared, shall I get her to apologize to Miss Nian?”

Wen Yadai glanced toward Xie Jingjing and threw her a loaded look.

Seeing this, Xie Jingjing swallowed her reluctance, bowed at Nian Xaomu, and said, “I am sorry.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu bit her lips and did not respond.

The surveillance camera could not capture the incident from the front. Others might believe that Xie Jingjing meant no harm, but Nian Xiaomu had seen it very clearly and for herself.

Xie Jingjing’s eyes had been filled with malice when she reached out to knock over the laptop.

The expression on her face definitely did not reflect that it was an accident…

However, Xie Jingjing had apologized to her in front of so many people and Wen Yadai had defended her too. If Nian Xiaomu were to reject the apology, others would feel that she did not know her place.

Just when Nian Xiaomu thought that there would not be proper closure to this matter, a hard-hearted voice spoke out, “Suspend her and further investigate this matter.”

Her body stiffened, and she turned to look at Yu Yuehan.

It was as if she could not believe her own ears.

Yu Yuehan was not looking at her, but staring coldly at Xie Jingjing. After he spoke, he got up from his seat and prepared to take his leave.

Wen Yadai was the first person to recover to her senses.

“Master Han, Jingjing has been in the public relations department for a long time. Her performance has always been exemplary. Isn’t it too harsh to suspend her due to an accident?”

She had thought that without concrete evidence, an apology would suffice.

If not, maybe Xie Jingjing’s bonus would be deducted.

She did not expect that Yu Yuehan’s first decision would be to suspend Xie Jingjing for further investigation.

It was because of Nian Xiaomu again…

Wen Yadai could not bear to see that he had become biased at work because of a woman!

“Harsh?” Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks. As he turned around, the look on his face was hard and cold.

“As the supervisor of the public relations department, she was negligent in her duty and failed to make a backup copy of such an important report.”

“She was incompetent in safeguarding the report when there was no backup copy and could not think of a way to salvage the situation when an accident occurred.”

“When a problem occurred with her work, she was irresponsible and pushed the blame on others instead of reflecting on herself first.”

Yu Yuehan’s frosty gaze swept across the entire room, looking everyone before landing on Wen Yadai’s face.

“I am concerned that more problems might arise regarding the collaboration with Sheng Da Science and Technology when a supervisor like this is in the public relations department.”

“…” The color drained from Wen Yadai’s face.

His words meant that he had doubts about her too.

After all, Xie Jingjing was a supervisor that she had tried to protect.

Wen Yadai took a deep breath and compelled herself to keep her cool.