The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 132

Chapter 132: She Only Had Eyes For Money

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“With regard to the incident today, it was largely Jingjing’s fault. As her manager, I ought to have supervised her more vigilantly. I need to take responsibility too and will make sure she won’t make such a mistake again. However, the collaboration with Sheng Da has already begun. The small teams have always been managed by Jingjing. If we were to suddenly suspend her, I am worried that we will not be able to find someone who is as suitable as she is.”

Wen Yadai felt that she had come up with a good excuse to save Xie Jingjing and heaved a sigh of relief when she finished speaking.

The biggest taboo when it came to big projects was handing over responsibilities from one person to another.

There was too much information that had to be processed and familiarized with.

Furthermore, Xie Jingjing was not just an ordinary staff member. If she were to be removed from the project and there was no suitable replacement for her, it would definitely affect the collaboration with Sheng Da.

As long as Yu Yuehan could give her second chance, he would postpone the disciplinary action taken on her.

Upon completion of the project, Wen Yadai could then use Xie Jingjing’s outstanding work performance as a method of making up for her mistake…

Her heart felt more at ease after she sorted out her thoughts.

She lifted her head and looked toward Yu Yuehan confidently.

“Who said there was no suitable replacement?” Yu Yuehan shot a glance at her before shifting his dark eyes toward Nian Xiaomu. “Let Nian Xiaomu take over Xie Jingjing’s duties while Xie Jingjing is suspended for further investigation.”

Wen Yadai: “…!!”

Nian Xiaomu followed Yu Yuehan silently to the president’s office.

She felt as if both her feet were stepping on cotton and her entire person was floating in the air…

When Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks, she almost crashed into him.

When she regained her composure, she saw that his deep eyes were staring icily at her.

Before she could speak, he asked stoically, “Why did you become a nurse?”

“…” Of course it was because she had majored in this profession and because she wanted to make money.

“Do you intend to be a nurse forever?” Yu Yuehan shifted his gaze and turned to sit down in his chair.

“… Not exactly,” Nian Xiaomu muttered softly.

She had studied nursing to prove to Tan Bengbeng that she knew how to look after herself.

She had become a nurse because it was a suitable job that had come along.

As for what she would do in future…

She had not thought about it, but anything would be fine as long as she could make money!

“As the supervisor of the public relations department in the Yu Corporation, you will receive more than double the salary that you are earning now.” Yu Yuehan eyed her coolly, as if he could read the thoughts in her mind.

Every word struck her little heart.

Nian Xiaomu raised her head, and her eyes sparkled when she heard him mention money!

Her money-crazed expression was hilarious to look at.

Yu Yuehan’s gaze darkened as he looked back at her.

In his mind, he recalled the way she had looked when she sat in front of the laptop writing an executive report at an unthinkable speed.

And how she had exuded an aura of radiance while she presented the report in the meeting room…

In contrast to the innocent and naive person standing in front of him, she had been a completely different person.

His eyes narrowed as he asked, “Do you have anything that you want to tell me?”

For example, what kind of person was she exactly?

How did she manage to churn out that executive report?

And what kind of secret was she withholding…

“Of course!” As she thought about how her salary would be raised multifold, Nian Xiaomu immediately straightened her back, lifted her chest, and declared with utmost sincerity, “I will work very hard in the public relations department and will not disappoint you!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

When her figure disappeared through the doorway of the rest lounge, his eyes fired up as he turned to his assistant and instructed, “Get someone to carry out another investigation. I want to know everything about her.”