The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Does He Still Care About His Face?

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How should one save oneself when they were caught red handed in the act of gossiping about others?

This was an emergency…

Nian Xiaomu’s smile froze.

She opened her mouth, but could not think of what to say. As if the wires had short circuited in her brain, she blurted out the thoughts that she had been wanting to say, “Young Master, could you give me my bonus first?”

She wanted to slap herself silly the moment she finished her sentence.

She was requesting for a salary bonus right after she had offended him a moment agowasn’t she clearly courting death?

However, words that were spoken were like water that had been spilledthey couldn’t be retracted. She would have to put a bold face on.

She changed Xiao Liuliu’s dressing swiftly and stood up from the sofa. With the notebook she had been carrying around all the time in her hand, she walked forward.

She opened it in front of Yu Yuehan.

“I have recorded every single session in herefrom the dinner party last time when you wanted me to be your dance partner all the way to the last few recent events…” Nian Xiaomu pointed to the bonus amount indicated, and her pair of quick-witted eyes sparkled.

She blinked her eyes that shone just like stars pouring from the horizon.

How could a little sum of money result in her laughing so happily?

Staring at her bright and beautiful face, Yu Yuehan’s gaze landed on the notebook before him, and he knitted his eyebrows.

She actually carried an account book alongside her all the time…

“Are you afraid that I will renege on a debt?” Yu Yuehan lowered his voice and asked.

“Of course not! Young Master, you are so young and handsome, like a jade tree in the wind. With your noble aura that nobody can match, how could you ever renege on a debt? I am just… just…” Could she say that it was time for her to pay her bills and that she was in a rush to raise money to repay her debts?

Just when Nian Xiaomu was at a loss as to how she should answer him, he had already opened his mouth slightly.

“I will have the assistant bring you to the finance department shortly.”


“So now, let’s talk about the iceberg.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Would she have the time to act hazy and pretend that she had lost her memory?

Otherwise, should she play dead?

Just when Nian Xiaomu was placed in a state of imminent crisis, Xiao Liuliu entered the resting lounge without her realizing. Carrying a portrait of a drawing, Xiao Liuliu ran toward her in excitement.

“Pretty Sister, I drew you and Daddi.”

Nian Xiaomu was hit by an inspiration!

Reaching out, she took Xiao Liuliu’s drawing from her and placed it right before Yu Yuehan without a second thought and said, “Young Master, look. Look at how remarkably true to life Xiao Liuliu has portrayed you…”

She stopped speaking halfway through her sentence.

It could be recognized with difficulty that there were two figures wearing skirts from the brightly colored scribblesthey were herself and Xiao Liuliu.

As for Yu Yuehan…

After searching the drawing for a while with her utmost effort, she finally pointed to a slender object that resembled an electric pole. With a spirit akin to dying embers, she asked Xiao Liuliu, “Is this the Daddy that you have drawn?”

When she saw Xiao Liuliu nodding her adorable and tiny head profusely, she wished so dearly that she had never learned the phrase “remarkably true to life” in her entire life!

When she lifted her head again, she saw Yu Yuehan staring hard at that slender electric pole in the drawing; his face had turned so dark that it resembled the charred bottom of a pot…

His low and deep voice seemed to have come through from hell. With a pause after every word, he said, “So, my image was so unique in your eyes!”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

It was a dead path ahead. What should she do?

Leaving would be the best plan!

“Young Master, I suddenly recalled that there is a lot of work waiting for me in the public relations department…”

She released her grip on the drawing. Turning around, she sprinted out and disappeared through the door just like a wisp of smoke.

The next second, the assistant entered from outside with a document in hand, walked directly toward Yu Yuehan, and said, “Young Master, there is news regarding the matter you have assigned me to investigate.”


“Although we still do not have news on Nian Xiaomu’s background, we have found someone who is involved with herTan Bengbeng!”