The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Her Only Friend

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“Tan Bengbeng?” Yu Yuehan stared speechlessly; he seemed to suspect that he had misheard.

What a weird name…

Shortly after, he remembered that Xiao Liuliu was still in the office and indicated for his assistant to keep quiet.

He dialed the office phone and had the secretary bring her out to play.

He only spoke after Xiao Liuliu went out and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The assistant placed the documents before him hurriedly.

Apart from Tan Bengbeng’s background information, a photo of her wearing a white coat in the hospital was also attached to the documents.

This lucid and elegant appearance was accompanied with a serious expression as well as a pair of gold-rimmed glasses that looked very professional…

She looked 100 percent like a professional doctor.

“We were unable to obtain any information about Nian Xiaomu’s background before she was 20 years old. However, we managed to confirm that Tan Bengbeng was the one and only friend she had after she turned 20 years old.” A complex look flashed across the assistant’s face after he was done with his report.

They had nearly ended up empty-handed even after such a long period of investigation.

He almost suspected that there was something wrong with the Yu Family’s information system.

Luckily, they did not return without any news.

“Tan Bengbeng is a doctor who works in the hospital and was just transferred to the psychiatry department. Tan Bengbeng and Nian Xiaomu both seem to have met each other when they were still doctor and patient. Nian Xiaomu practically would not interact with others except during workTan Bengbeng is the exception, and they also seem to be on very good terms with each other.”

Nian Xiaomu’s life was very simple.

She basically did not have any other hobbies or recreational activities other than working.

She had previously studied a course on nursing and became a nurse after that.

Other than this, they totally failed to obtain any other information.

She had no family and no friends…

If the assistant had not recalled that the first time they had met Nian Xiaomu was at the hospital, he would not have been able to order his subordinates to ask around about why she was in the hospitalin that case, they never would have discovered the existence of Tan Bengbeng either.

However, there were no other discoveries even after they traced this information down.

Nian Xiaomu had only gone to the hospital to celebrate her friend’s birthday and treat her friend with a birthday cakethere was nothing suspicious about that.

“Since we did not manage to investigate Nian Xiaomu, let’s check out Tan Bengbeng,” said Yu Yuehan, his deep voice ringing gradually.

With his long fingers, he held on tightly to the photograph that was attached to the documents and cast a sidelong glancea dangerous gleam of light flashed past his flirtatious eyes.

It was easy for one to hide their own identity. However, it would be far more difficult for them to hide the identities of the people around them.

Finding Tan Bengbeng was equivalent to finding a loophole.

As long as they investigated in the direction of this loophole, it would only be a matter of time before they found out exactly who Nian Xiaomu was.

Yu Yuehan withdrew his gaze and put down the photo in his hand. Opening his thin lips, he said, “Find out exactly who Tan Bengbeng is immediately and find out how they met each other. Also, Nian Xiaomu seems to be severely in need of money. I want to know why!”

The scene of her with shining eyes whenever the topic of money was mentioned flashed through his mind.

That reaction which was so real, so true to herself…

“Yes.” The assistant bowed respectfully. Turning around, he left the office.

The enormous office of the president became empty in an instant.

Yu Yuehan collected his gaze. Just as he was about to reach out and retrieve his document, he noticed Xiao Liuliu’s drawing the moment he lowered his eyelids.

The little kid’s scribbling was really childlike.

However, the drawing was really…

His sweeping gaze landed on that slender electric pole. At that moment, he was immediately reminded of the phrase mentioned by a particular someone: “it was drawn remarkably true to life!”

His face sank!

Reaching out, he dialed the office line and said, “Inform the public relations department to have Nian Xiaomu deliver all the documents that are en route to the president’s office!”