The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Were They All.. Suffering From Bipolar Disorder?

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Nian Xiaomu darted out of the president’s office and patted her chest in relief that she had barely made her escape from death.

She felt pleased with herself for being pretty quick-witted.

Luckily, she had run fast; otherwise, she would be in hot water for sure!

She took out her cell phone and checked the time. Seeing that the lunch break was almost over, she walked back to her own department.

When she arrived at the entrance of the public relations department, she noticed that many people were looking at her in a rather odd manner.

She stopped in her tracks and subconsciously touched her face. Was there something wrong?

“Why are you still standing there, Xiaomu? Come on in!” A colleague waved at her with a huge smile on her face.

“… Okay.” Nian Xiaomu recovered her senses and thought that perhaps someone needed her to print documents, so she walked toward the printer.

She was about to arrange the documents that had been printed earlier in the morning when her hand was held down by someone.

A colleague stepped forward and took over the documents that needed to be stapled together. She said politely, “I can handle such small matters on my own. I won’t trouble you for it.”

“Yes, yes, me too. I can do it on my own.” Another colleague walked over, removed her own documents from the printer, and left.


Nian Xiaomu stood in front of the printer, staring at the colleagues who had been bossing her around in the morning. Suddenly, they were retrieving their documents on their own. For a while, she could not recover from her shock.

Were they all… suffering from bipolar disorder?

“You must be thirsty from preparing print-outs all morning? When I went to get some water for myself, I poured a glass for you too.” The colleague who had greeted her at the entrance just now smiled as she served her a glass of water.

“… Thank you.” Nian Xiaomu stared at the glass in front of her and wondered why it felt like she had gone to the wrong place.

She turned to look at the entrance to confirm that she was in the public relations department.

Then, she raised her hand to pinch her face, only to wince in pain.

She wasn’t in a dream…

So what was going on?

Nian Xiaomu stood in front of the printer, recalling that there had been a stack of unending work in the morning, but it had now vanished without a trace.

It seemed that all of a sudden, this place did not need her anymore.

She felt a bit lost and looked in Ye Mingmin’s direction. She wanted to ask her what she could do now.

However, she saw that something was not right with the expression on Ye Mingmin’s face.

“Supervisor Ye, do you feel unwell?” Nian Xiaomu passed the water that the other colleague had served her earlier to Ye Mingmin.

“No need…” Ye Mingmin brushed her hand away. Then, it seemed like a thought struck her, her harsh tone turned gentle, and she said, “Since you’re not needed at the printer, you may return to your seat and go through the documents related to the Sheng Da Science and Technology collaboration.”

“Okay.” Nian Xiaomu took her glass of water and turned to walk back to her seat since she was told that she was not required to be the printer girl anymore.

She turned on the computer and looked through the documents seriously.

Ye Mingmin stood behind her, looking at a view of Nian Xiaomu’s back while clutching her cell phone in her hand.

The screen on the cell phone was still displaying the company intranet page.

Right at the top of the news feed were photographs of the president and his daughter making a rare appearance at the employees’ cafeteria and having lunch with Nian Xiaomu!

Who would dare to make trouble for Nian Xiaomu in the public relations department now?

“A new task for you, Nian Xiaomu.” The secretary suddenly walked in from outside and handed Nian Xiaomu a document. “Please make a trip to the president’s office with this document.”