The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Sheng Da's Spokesperson

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When she thought of those photos that were secretly taken and then uploaded onto the intranet, Wen Yadai’s hand, which was holding on to coffee cup, tightened unceasingly. So much force was exerted that her nails turned pale, but none of this could restrain the anger within her.

There were already numerous rumors that had spread in the companythat Yu Yuehan had not headed to the employees’ cafeteria because of Xiao Liuliu, that he only went there using the name of Xiao Liuliu, and that he was in fact there to accompany Nian Xiaomu for a meal.

If this trend continued on, Nian Xiaomu would become the madam president in no time.


With a wave of her hand, Wen Yadai threw the cup to the ground.

The ceramic cup shattered into pieces and the unfinished coffee splashed onto the ground as well…

Her refined face that was enhanced by makeup turned malevolent out of of anger.

How could a nurse be qualified to think about the position of madam president?

Nian Xiaomu wasn’t even fit to bring Wen Yadai’s shoes to her!

Tap tap!Somebody suddenly knocked on the door to the office.

A look of panic flashed across Wen Yadai’s face. Shortly after, she started to adjust her clothes at lightning speed, flashed a light smile, and said, “Come in.”

“Manager, Sheng Da Science and Technology has just…”

Ye Mingmin stared blankly the moment she entered the room.

She lifted her head in confusion when she saw the mess on the floor.

“You came at a bad time. My hands slipped and I knocked over a cup of coffee. I’ll have someone come in to tidy up the mess, so you can sit here first,” Wen Yadai said as she dialed on the office line and ordered the janitor to come in and clean up.

Very soon, the office returned to as neat as it was before.

“What did you want to say just now?” Wen Yadai sat back on her chair and asked softly.

Looking at her composed face, nobody could have imagined that she had fiercely smashed a cup of coffee onto the ground just a second ago.

Ye Mingmin absolutely did not think much of it and walked forward. “It’s with regard to the public relations proposal that Sheng Da Science and Technology has sent. In light of the collaboration project between the two companies, they hope that a suitable spokesperson can be hired for the early stages of publicity.”

“Does Sheng Da Science and Technology have a specific person in mind?” When she spoke of work, Wen Yadai’s expression became stricter than usual.

With both her arms crossed, she looked at her subordinate seriously.

“Yes.” Ye Mingmin had specially came over to report to Wen Yadai because of this matter.

Reaching out, she passed the fax that she had just received to Wen Yadai.

Wen Yadai only took a look and knitted her eyebrows.

Very quickly, she seemed to have thought of something, and the anxiety beneath her eyes faded away.

She collected her gaze and held back the faint smile lurking near the corner of her mouth.

“We must of course satisfy the request of the business partner as much as possible, but I remember that Xie Jingjing was the one in charge of the early stages of the publicity component for Sheng Da Science and Technology. So for now…”

“I got it. I’ll inform Nian Xiaomu of this news immediately!” Ye Mingmin held the documents in her hand and exited the manager’s office happily the moment she learned that she was not responsible for the project.

Since Young Master Han had assigned Nian Xiaomu to take over Xie Jingjing’s position and Nian Xiaomu had entered the public relations department, it would obviously be natural to pass down the workload that Xie Jingjing had previously been in charge of to Nian Xiaomu for completion.

This included the spokesperson role that Sheng Da Science and Technology had requested…

The moment Ye Mingmin exited the Manager’s office, she lifted her head and saw Nian Xiaomu, who was camping in front of the computer and analyzing the public relations proposal.

A ray of light flashed past Ye Mingmin’s eyes. Acting as if nothing had happened, she walked forward with the documents in her hand.

“The early stages of publicity for the project with Sheng Da Science and Technology is going to begin soon. These are the requests that they have faxed over just now. I’ll leave them to you to handle.”

“Okay.” Nian Xiaomu reached out and took the documents when she heard that she was in charge of the project. She took a glance and asked, “Shangxin is appointed to be the spokesperson?”

When Nian Xiaomu this name out loud, the people around her looked over in her direction immediately!