The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Was Nian Xiaomu Crazy?

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Shangxin was one of the top three female models in the industry right now.

She had a sweet and angelic face as well as a hot and sexy body to match. After she made her debut, she amassed a large group of fans. Nian Xiaomu did not care much about entertainment news, but she had heard of her name.

“Sheng Da Science and Technology’s ideal choice for the spokesperson is Shangxin. Her manager’s details are in here. You will need to liaise and close the deal with them in the shortest time possible. Do you have any questions?” Ye Mingmin instructed coolly.

Nian Xiaomu did not think much about it and accepted it as part of her work. She simply nodded and responded, “I will get it done as soon as possible.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Ye Mingmin bowed slightly to Nian Xiaomu and turned to go back to her seat.

Earlier, when Nian Xiaomu said the name out loud, everyone had appeared rather alarmed. However, the entire office quickly returned to a state of eerie silence.

Every single person lowered their heads to concentrate on their work.

It was as if nothing had happened earlier.

Nian Xiaomu sat down as well and was flipping through the information that Ye Mingmin had given her.

She realized that there was very little data about Shangxin, and most of the data was about the manager.

She turned on the computer and ran a search on the internet.

She was just about to go through the resulting links when she saw that her cup was empty. Picking up the cup, she walked to the office pantry.

“Don’t you think that Nian Xiaomu is crazy? She actually dared to accept this kind of task!” Before she reached the pantry, she could hear the voices from within.

“When I saw Supervisor Ye handing her the document, Supervisor Ye was secretly smiling. She must have been thinking about how she should celebrate after getting rid of this hot potato.”

“Why do you sound so negative? I think Nian Xiaomu looked rather confident. Perhaps she might have a solution…”

“No way! Look who we are talking about! It’s Shangxin! She’s known to be the newcomer with the most sass in the modelling industry. If anyone wants to get her to become a spokesperson, it’s best for that person to prepare a coffin for themself!”

“That’s true…”

“…” Nian Xiaomu stood in a daze at the door. Then, it struck her why everyone had reacted that way when she read the name out loud.

She tightened her grip on the cup in her hand.

Without entering the pantry, she returned straight back to her desk and sat down.

Subsequently, she looked through all the information related to Shangxin on the internet.

Very quickly, she realized that she had underestimated Shangxin’s popularity.

To describe her as one of the top three models was simply an understatement.

Judging from the number of fans who turned up at the airport to receive her as well as the turnout at her events, there had always been an overwhelming response to the point that the venues were jam-packed…

She was already a number one super model with this kind of popularity!

At the beginning, Nian Xiaomu had not thought much about it.

She thought that most people probably felt curious about newcomers and wanted to know more about them.

Later, she was surprised when she found out that apart from a few exclusive runway shows, Shangxin rarely attended any events. Shangxin also wasn’t involved in any rumors with male celebrities.

How was it possible for a model to enjoy such a strong following when she kept such a low profile?

What also puzzled Nian Xiaomu was why everyone appeared so shocked when Shangxin’s name was mentioned. Even if she were a top celebrity, she would still have to accept endorsement jobs as long as the fees were right…

Nian Xiaomu propped her chin on both hands as she tried to figure through all the doubts in her head. Just as she was about to look through more information, her cell phone suddenly rang.

She turned and picked it up immediately when she saw that it was Tan Bengbeng calling her.

“My darling, you’re finally returning my call. I have something important to tell you. Please make time to meet me!”