The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Can't Afford To Offend Can't Afford To Offend

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If one were to find a person that could instill fear in Nian Xiaomu, that person would surely be Tan Bengbeng.

A quiet person who did not usually speak much would instantly become a blabbermouth when it came to problems related to health.

All the different professional terms were enough to smash a person’s brain and would result in them fainting on the spot!

Can’t afford to offend, can’t afford to offend!

Terrified, Nian Xiaomu shrank into her seat and looked on helplessly as the waiter left with the orders.

Lifting up the cup in front of her, Tan Bengbeng took a sip of water and asked, “What happened? Why are you in a rush to see me?”

Nian Xiaomu only remembered that she had proper business to do after she heard this. She immediately straightened her back and rummaged through her bag to retrieve an envelope.

“This is my bonus for the month as well as my paycheck.” As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she passed the items to Tan Bengbeng.

Yu Yuehan’s orders were very efficaciousthe moment he had spoken up, his assistant had instructed the finance department to issue the bonus to her.

The first thing that Nian Xiaomu thought of after she received her money was to bring it over to Tan Bengbeng.

She remembered that it was about time to repay one of her debts.

“There’s one more thing that I did not have the chance to tell youYu Yuehan thinks that I am pretty capable and recruited me into the public relations department of the Yu Corporation. He even allowed me to take the place of a supervisor! However, Xiao Liuliu has not fully recovered from her injuries yet, so I still need to take care of her on a part time basis.”

Looking at how she reported her current situation in detail, Nian Xiaomu seemed like a kid who had not seen her close companions in a very long time.

All Tan Bengbeng did was listen and did not reply at all.

Reaching out, she picked up the envelope on the table and took a glance at the money enclosed within.

After which, she took the paycheck out and passed it back to Nian Xiaomu. “You can keep the paycheck.”

When she finished her sentence, she did not give Nian Xiaomu a single chance to reject and put the money in the envelope back into Nian Xiaomu’s bag.

The dishes were quickly served.

Their interaction was different from that of the typical confidantes out there.

Due to her character, Tan Bengbeng did not speak much; she only listened to Nian Xiaomu talk about her current situation and would reply once in a while.

“Oh yes, have you heard of a model named Shangxin?” Nian Xiaomu thought of the job that she was stuck with and asked subconsciously.

Based on the prestigious reputations that both the Yu Corporation and Sheng Da Science and Technology had, she had originally assumed that it would be an easy task to hire a model as a spokesperson. However, it seemed now that things were not that simple.

Currently, it was ever so difficult to contact Shangxin’s managerlet alone contact Shangxin in person!

The moment the other party heard that she wanted to discuss an endorsement, he rejected right away without giving any room for negotiation.

Nian Xiaomu felt foolish after she finished asking the question.

Tan Bengbeng paid all her attention to her patients and cared about nothing else; of course she would not follow entertainment news.

“You’re talking about the female model who has been rocketing in popularity since the moment she debuted.” In the midst of stirring her coffee, Tan Bengbeng paused and looked at her.

“You know her?” In an instant, Nian Xiaomu’s dejected heart turned hopeful.

She leaned forward on the table and asked, “What is the situation? Quickly tell me!”

“I don’t know her, but a few of the male doctors in my department are her fans. I have heard my colleagues talk about her numerous times, and I heard that she is a lady with character.” Tan Bengbeng took a glance at Nian Xiaomu. Reaching out for her coffee, she took a sip and opened her mouth slightly.

“How strong is her character?” Nian Xiaomu did not find anything amiss and squinted her eyes.

Noticing that she was really interested in this topic, Tan Bengbeng’s expression turned serious. She place the cup down and recalled in detail, “I heard them mention that Shangxin is very mysteriousshe almost never accepts any endorsement work. Even investors would be rejected if they wanted to treat her to a meal.”