The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Was He Waiting For Her?

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“If she’s so arrogant, wouldn’t she offend people easily?” Nian Xiaomu was taken aback when she heard what Tan Bengbeng said.

In the entertainment industry, even the best actors and best actresses did not dare to be so brazen.

For a model who had just made her debut, Shangxin was undoubtedly digging her own grave with her ways!

“She did offend many people. That’s why when she first started out and wasn’t as popular as she is now, there was a big boss in the industry who could not stand her haughty ways. He insisted on asking her out for a meal to force her to become the spokesperson for his products.”

Tan Bengbeng crossed her arms as her lips curled into a cynical smile.

On the surface, it was meeting over a meal to discuss an endorsement deal. In reality, he had set his eyes on the girl and wanted to offer her an indecent proposal.

That person thought highly of himself; he was loaded and had some standing in society.

He then used all sorts of means and methods to force Shangxin to show up and have a meal with him.

In the end, Shangxin did make an appearance. However, that person did not even manage to put his arm on her shoulder before she bashed him up.

She even splashed a glass of alcohol onto his face and gave him a dressing down.

“This industry is so shady and filthy because of trashy people like you! If you dare try to be funny with me again, I’ll be sure to have you castrated the next time!”

News of her domineering style swiftly circulated around the entire entertainment world.

It was even rumored that the big boss who was beaten up had to be hospitalized for half a month.

Everyone thought that he would surely press charges against Shangxin after he was discharged, but surprisingly, the matter died down after a while…

Shangxin remained the same Shangxin she had always been.

Apart from high-quality runway shows, she did not participate in any commercial events nor endorsements.

She was like a breath of fresh air in the entertainment world.

It was precisely her beauty and unique personality that skyrocketed her status into becoming the nation’s new goddess…

“I think your colleague must have heard the story of Shangxin beating up that person. This is why she said that anyone who wanted to engage Shangxin into becoming a spokesperson must prepare a coffin in advance,” joked Tan Bengbeng with a laugh.


After Nian Xiaomu listened to the whole story, she could not laugh anymore.

Even a big boss in the industry became defenseless from Shangxin’s bashing and could not get even with her after that. This could only mean that Shangxin did not come from an ordinary background.

How could Nian Xiaomu take on such a challenge?

Ring ring…Her cell phone suddenly rang.

Nian Xiaomu looked down at the caller ID and saw an unidentified number. She wondered who it was as she picked up the phone.

At the very next moment, a cute voice called out, “Pretty Sister, why aren’t you home for dinner yet?”

“…” Her mind went blank and then it occurred to her that she had been so excited to meet Tan Bengbeng that she had forgotten to tell Xiao Liuliu that she could not eat dinner with her!

Surely Xiao Liuliu hadn’t been waiting for her all this time?

What about Yu Yuehan…

Nian Xiaomu felt a chill down her spine and jumped up from her seat. “Darling, I’m full. I have to go back to the Yu Family villa to look after Xiao Liuliu. Let’s catch up again another day!”

Then, she grabbed her bag and ran out of the restaurant.

She hailed a taxi and hurried back to the Yu Family villa.

On the way back, she kept thinking about how to explain to Yu Yuehan that she had forgotten to accompany Xiao Liuliu for dinner.

Before she could come up with a reason, she had already arrived at the Yu Family villa.

When she got to the main villa, she saw a distinguished figure sitting in the living room.

Clad in a simple white shirt and black dress pants, his well-sculpted figure could very clearly be seen from under his clothes.

His whole being was oozing with an untouchable kind of aloofness.

While she was torn between going inside right away and staying outside for the time being, it seemed as if he had sensed something, so he turned around to look at her…