The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Don't You Regret This

“Let alone a week, even if that someone were given an entire month, she would still not be able to meet Shangxin. How would she be able to negotiate the endorsement like this? Didn’t you see in the email reply that Shangxin doesn’t even want to talk to her?” The person who was speaking just now spoke in an even louder voice when she spotted that there were people looking over at them.

They had not directed their unhappiness toward Nian Xiaomu previously because they were unclear of Nian Xiaomu and Young Master Han’s relationship with each other.

After all, it was indeed shocking that the two of them had secretly had their photo taken together and uploaded onto the intranet.

However, over the past two days, Young Master Han had not shown a single hint of concern for Nian Xiaomu even though she had been absolutely consumed with Shangxin’s endorsement deal; it was as if he was proving that the two of them did not have anything to do with each other.

Nian Xiaomu must have made use of Little Miss previously and spread a rumor about their “affair” just so she could raise her social status!

How could they allow a person like her to continue to stay in the public relations department and spoil the reputation of their department?

“Xiao Lan, talk less about her. Aren’t you afraid that she will make you apologize publicly if she really manages to invite Shangxin to the endorsement deal in the future?” One of the colleagues held back the person who was speaking, but was instead brushed off.

The one who was called Xiao Lan walked to the front. With her arms crossed, she looked at Nian Xiaomu with a provoking stare.

“If she really does manage to invite Shangxin, I would willingly kneel and kowtow to her three times publicly, much less apologize publicly!” Fang Lan sneered and glanced at Nian Xiaomu from head to toe.

“Don’t you regret this.” Looking at the colleagues who had all gathered around her to watch the enjoyable dramatic scene, Nian Xiaomu stood up slowly from her chair and glanced at Fang Lan with a straight but undisturbed look.

The moment she finished her sentence, she shut her computer. Carrying her bag, she turned around and left.

“Nian Xiaomu, if you do not manage to invite Shangxin, this will prove that you bring absolutely no competence to the public relations department and have no reason to stay. In this case, you won’t even be as good as Supervisor Xie”

The rest of the sentence was blocked off by the closing elevator.

Nian Xiaomu leaned against the wall of the elevator. However, her mood was not affected by the few sentences during the argument just now.

The contents of the email just now kept on revolving around her brain.

Shangxin had obviously approved of the proposal, and it could even be observed that she adored it.

So why did she not give Nian Xiaomu a single chance to enlist her?

This was far too weird

She had to figure this entire matter out; only by doing so would she have a chance at clinching the endorsement deal!

Nian Xiaomu gave Tan Bengbeng a call the moment she got out of the public relations department. “My dear, help me and quickly ask your male colleagues if any of them know of Shangxin’s schedule for today. Also ask if they know where her current location is?”

Tan Bengbeng: “”

She was a doctor, not the reporter of a gossip entertainment magazine.

Why did Nian Xiaomu ask her for a model’s schedule?

“Wait a minute. I will help you ask around.” Tan Bengbeng hung up the phone. Soon, she replied with a text message.

The text message contained Shangxin’s personal schedule, but there was a remark stating that the source of the information had not been verified for its accuracy.

“A children’s theme park?” As Nian Xiaomu read the message on her cell phone, she nearly stumbled and fell down the stairs leading to the street!

Wasn’t this place a favorite for someone of Xiao Liuliu’s age?

How could Shangxin possibly be there?

[I heard that there is a charity event at this particular theme park and that Shangxin will be attending that event. However, it has not been officially publicized, so there might be a chance that this piece of information is not accurate. You can head over there and try your luck.] Tan Bengbeng sent another text message.

Nian Xiaomu replied with a kissing emoji before she stuffed her cell phone into her pocket and rushed to the theme park.

The moment she reached the theme park, she was intimidated by the lively scene before her eyes!