The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 161

Chapter 161 The Key Lies With Someone Else

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Nian Xiaomu fussed over the father and daughter tirelessly. When they finally finished their meal, she pulled out a chair and sat down across from Yu Yuehan with a look of anticipation on her face.

“Young Master, have you met Shangxin before?”

“Do you know anything related to her?”

“Why doesn’t she accept endorsements? And what is her background…


Yu Yuehan furrowed his brow and kept silent as he watched how Nian Xiaomu began treating him like a human encyclopedia.

When she realized that she was shooting off too many questions, she covered her mouth with her hands and eyed him cautiously.

It was only then that he opened his mouth and slowly said, “If you want Shangxin to agree to the endorsement, the key lies with someone else.”


“Tang Yuansi, the new president of the Tang Corporation,” Yu Yuehan revealed the key person’s name indifferently.

Without checking if Nian Xiaomu had understood him, he got up from his seat, scooped up Xiao Liuliu since she was already done with dinner, and left the dining room.

Nian Xiaomu was left behind, pondering over his words.

She muttered to herself, “Tang Yuansi…”

When she snapped back to her senses, she quickly returned to her room and turned on the computer to type in Tang Yuansi’s name in the search engine. However, she was shocked to see the results that came up from her search.

There was not a single link related to Shangxin on the screen.

However, there was one link that was rather odd.

[The president of the Tang Corporation is an orphan who was adopted by the Yan Family, the number one clan in City S…]

However, what did this have to do with Shangxin?

Could it be that he did not allow Shangxin to accept endorsements?

Was their relationship what she thought it was…

Nian Xiaomu racked her brains for a long time, but could not figure out anything. What exactly was Yu Yuehan trying to tell her?

Making up her mind, she was determined to get an answer. Nian Xiaomu turned off her computer and left her room to look for Yu Yuehan.

It was so annoying that he had given a partial and unclear reply!

Nian Xiaomu stomped through the living room, but just as she was about to walk up to the second floor, the thought of Yu Yuehan’s icy stare made her chicken out.

Turning around, she saw the assistant walk in with documents in his hands. A light bulb lit up in her head, and she dashed forward to stop him.

“Assistant Yang, may I have a few minutes of your time to ask you something?”

“…” The assistant stopped what he was doing and looked back at her with curiosity in his eyes.

“It’s nothing much, but it’s only that Young Master just told me that the key to persuading Shangxin was Tang Yuansi. Do you know what this means?” Nian Xiaomu looked at the assistant nervously as she asked.

The assistant hesitated for a moment, but proceeded to reply to her, “It seems like Shangxin has been very fond of President Tang for many years, but he hasn’t reciprocated at all during this time.”


Nian Xiaomu had not expected an answer like this and felt a mild shock.

The girl was courting the boy…

To think that this legendary gutsy lady was also one who loved and hated without fear.

An idea struck Nian Xiaomu and her eyes lit up.

“I know how to convince Shangxin now! Thank you, Assistant Yang!” As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she turned and ran back to her own room.

After she turned on the computer to check the endorsement proposal that she had prepared for Shangxin, she made amendments to the final clause and added new details.

Then, she checked it over several times to make sure that there were no problems before sending it out again!

After that, she clasped her hands and stared nervously at her email inbox.

Ding!The notification of a new email sounded, and she almost fell out of her chair from excitement. She grabbed the computer mouse and anxiously clicked to open the new email!