The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Nian Xiaomu, you're insane!

Nian Xiaomu was only stupefied for a few seconds, and when she recovered her senses, she blurted out what she wanted to say to the back view of that man.

It was only seven simple words, but it made everyone in the hall inhale in shock.

How could she be so bold and insolent?

To actually call out Young Master's name and in such a tone...

The looks on the people's faces around Nian Xiaomu were filled with sympathy, as if they could already picture her fate of being thrown out of the villa.

Nian Xiaomu must have let her anger get the better of her.

When she finally noticed how everyone was looking at her, she realized exactly what she had done.

But the thought of Yu Yuehan actually firing her without finding out who was right and who was wrong made her rage with fury again. No way would she bow down first!

"..." Hearing that, Yu Yuehan stopped in his tracks.

The tall figure that stood at the foot of the staircase was enveloped in iciness.

The atmosphere in the living room changed in an instant.

Everyone held their breaths and broke into cold sweat over Nian Xiaomu's fate.

In the next second, a soft and cuddly little figure ran out of the room and straight to Yu Yuehan's side, clutching his calf.

"Daddi cannot chase Pretty Sister away! I want Pretty Sister to look after me!" Xiao Liuliu puffed up her cheeks and glared at her father with her big round eyes.

Her arm was injured and her other arm could not hold onto Yu Yuehan tightly. Instead, she used her hand and legs to cling onto his body, refusing to let him go.

"I have already given her a chance, but she could not even do her job properly." Yu Yuehan looked at the little girl who was hanging onto him, and the frostiness about him dissipated.

He bent over and lifted her up.

"Daddi promises to look for an even prettier sister tomorrow to look after you."

"I don't want! I want this pretty sister!" Xiao Liuliu pouted her lips and sniffled sadly.

"Do not cry, Xiao Liuliu!"


Before Yu Yuehan could finish his words, the little girl in his arms started shedding tears at the thought of having to be apart from Pretty Sister.

The look of heartbreak and despondency was heart-wrenching.

The small head rubbed into his chest, aggrievedly choked back tears, and said, "I, only want, Pretty Sister... Bad Daddi..."

Yu Yuehan: "..."

"I can promise you anything, just not regarding this matter. She has to leave today!" Yu Yuehan's said grimly. Without looking at Nian Xiaomu, he carried Xiao Liuliu in his arms and turned to go upstairs.

An uproar broke out in the living room.

Only Fang Zhenyi could not disguise the delight on her face.

"Yu Yuehan, don't you regret it!" Nian Xiaomu hollered at the turned back of the man.

When she turned to face the conceited Fang Zhenyi, she narrowed her eyes, reached out to pick up a cup from the coffee table, and walked straight ahead.


A full cup of water was mercilessly splashed onto her face.

"Ah! Nian Xiaomu, you're insane!" Fang Zhenyi shrieked in horror. She had never expected Nian Xiaomu to actually splash water onto her in front of so many people.

The warm water messed up her makeup in an instant.

Accompanied by that howling and screeching, it was a pathetic sight that was unbearable to watch.

"This cup of water is what I return to you. You better not bump into me when you go out. Otherwise, I will throw water at you every single time I see you!" Nian Xiaomu slammed the cup in her hand onto the coffee table. She then turned to leave without a second look at the people in the living room.

The butler snapped out of his trance and said, "Nian Xiaomu, your salary for today..."

"No need for it! Keep it for your young master and get a doctor to fix his head!"