The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Not Playing The Cards According To Their Sequence

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Someone suddenly reminded everybody about this issue. Instantly, the atmosphere in the public relations department changed.

Everyone moved away uniformly and made space for Nian Xiaomu to walk forward.

“I…” Fang Lan had never expected that things would turn out this way. When she saw Nian Xiaomu approaching her, her face had already turned ghastly pale.

It was not a big deal to apologize and admit her mistakes.

However, she had spouted off in the spur of the moment previously and even mentioned kneeling down and kowtowing three times in apology.

By now, Nian Xiaomu had really succeeded. Moreover, there were so many colleagues around as witnessesif she knelt down and kowtowed, it would be utterly embarrassing for her, but if she did not do so, she would become someone who did not keep her word.

No matter what she did, she would be thoroughly discredited and would no longer have the courage to continue working in the public relations department!

Unless Nian Xiaomu spoke up and forgave her…

Fang Lan seemed to be holding on to her last, life-saving straw; suddenly, she raised her head and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“Nian Xiaomu, no, Supervisor Nian, everything was my fault. I shouldn’t have looked down on you. However, I had no evil intentions toward you and only misunderstood you because I did not know you very well. I have realized my mistakes, and I am sorry!”


“You are a person with great moral stature. Please do not harbor any grievance from my wrongdoings and forgive me. I will not make the same mistake again!”

Fang Lan’s speech sounded as sincere as it could be.

She walked toward Nian Xiaomu and looked at her with pleading eyes; it was as if she would really kneel down if Nian Xiaomu did not accede to her pleas.

However, Fang Lan’s look left the people around her speechless insteadit would be better for them to keep quiet.

Fang Lan’s scheme was indeed very well-planned. Since she had already extended her most sincere apology, Nian Xiaomu would seem to be an overbearing and menacing woman if she still insisted that Fang Lan should kneel down in apology before she granted Fang Lan forgiveness.

However, Fang Lan would need Nian Xiaomu’s cooperation before her scheme came to fruition.

At this point, everyone assumed that Nian Xiaomu would play her cards according to the situation by turning big problems into small ones and small problems into nonexistent ones. However, she did not utter a single word. Reaching forward, she pulled out a chair for herself and sat down in front of Fang Lan.

She crossed her legs and folded her arms.

Her animated eyes stared at Fang Lan with an indifferent expression.

Was she waiting for Fang Lan to kowtow to her in apology with that posture of hers?

“Huh!” Everybody couldn’t help it and let out a loud gasp.

Some felt that Nian Xiaomu was suave looking, others felt that Fang Lan was suffering the consequences of her own actions, and another group was just here to watch a good show.

However, none of them pitied Fang Lan!

Everyone would have to bear the consequences of their own deeds.

For all the times when Fang Lan provoked Nian Xiaomu, she should have prepared for the day when she would have to atone for her own actions.

“Supervisor Nian…” Fang Lan looked at the person who sat before her and turned cross-eyed from the staring.

She had never expected that Nian Xiaomu’s reaction would completely differ from what she had imagined it to be.

She felt like a clown at a circus as she looked on at the gazes of her colleagues. These stares were all embedded in her…

She could not leave in front of so many people even if she wanted to.

She could only clench her teeth and prepare to get on her knees to apologize…

Nian Xiaomu had never wanted to bicker with Fang Lan from the very start.

However, a good tempered person had their limits as well.

If Fang Lan assumed that Nian Xiaomu was an easy target for bullying and continued to bully Nian Xiaomu as and when she liked, then more and more Fang Lan’s would emerge around Nian Xiaomu…

Well, Fang Lan didn’t actually need to kowtowNian Xiaomu was only scaring her.

This way, others would also get the message that she would not tolerate anyone who crossed her limits!

Nian Xiaomu noticed that Fang Lan appeared to be so afraid that her face had turned a ghastly white color and that Fang Lan even seemed to be on the verge of kneeling down. Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to speak up, a voice rang from behind her before she could even open her mouth.

“What’s going on? Why do everyone’s expressions look so heavy?”

Dressed in a black and white business suit, Wen Yadai walked out from her office with a graceful and capable look.