The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 173

Chapter 173 The Super High Popularity Level Of The Iceberg

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“Manager Wen…” After Fang Lan saw Wen Yadai, she felt so relieved because she thought she might be saved from the humiliation. She squeezed out two drops of tears from her eyes and looked pitifully at Wen Yadai.

The secretary followed behind Wen Yadai and hurriedly described to her what had happened earlier as well as the current situation.

After hearing the secretary’s explanation, Wen Yadai’s eyes flickered.

It wasn’t only Fang Lan who thought that Nian Xiaomu would never succeed.

Even she had not thought so.

At the beginning, she had deliberately tasked the endorsement deal to Nian Xiaomu because Shangxin was unlikely to agree to it.

Who would have thought that Nian Xiaomu would succeed…

She had overcome the prejudices that everyone had toward her and once again became the heroine of the public relations department.

If this continued, it would only be a matter of time before Nian Xiaomu began disregarding Wen Yadai as manager!

Wen Yadai clenched her fists, but maintained a calm expression on her face.

She cleared her throat and began to speak, “I don’t care what everyone thinks, but Supervisor Nian was recruited under Master Han’s recommendation. If Master Han has faith in her abilities, then we should believe in her too. Supervisor Nian has proven herself by getting Shangxin to sign the endorsement contract. I hope that no one will harbor any bias against her from now on.”

Wen Yadai’s words sounded magnanimous and reasonable.

However, it was clear that she was also implying that Nian Xiaomu had been boosted into the department.

Next, she looked at Fang Lan.

“Do you know what you did wrong today?”

“Manager Wen, I know my mistake. I shouldn’t have been disrespectful toward Supervisor Nian…”

“Not only to Supervisor Nian. You have to be respectful toward every person! We are all colleagues in the same department, so we should look out for each other. How could you mock and ostracize your own colleague…” Wen Yadai pointed at Fang Lan as she spoke, fuming with an anger that she could not let go.

A moment later, she hollered, “Why are you still in a daze? Hurry up and apologize to Supervisor Nian!”

Fang Lan realized that she would not have to kneel after all and hurriedly walked over to Nian Xiaomu. She bowed and said, “I’m sorry, Supervisor Nian!”

“…” Nian Xiaomu furrowed her brow.

She had not intended to make Fang Lan kneel before her, but now it appeared that Fang Lan would not appreciate this gesture anyway.

Every word that Wen Yadai had said was for the good of the public relations department. Therefore, Nian Xiaomu would have to let the matter rest.

Wen Yadai also seemed to realize that she had been too bossy in the way that she had handled the matter.

Very quickly, she smiled and said, “By the way, it has already been some time since Supervisor Nian joined our public relations department. We have been busy with our projects and haven’t had a chance to welcome her properly. Since she successfully signed Shangxin to the endorsement deal, let’s hold a celebratory dinner for her and welcome her at the same time!”

It was just a sentence, but it affirmed Nian Xiaomu’s efforts and gave both of them a chance to take a step back.

Even Nian Xiaomu could not find fault with this.

“Hurray! Finally, it’s time to relax a bit!” someone cheered loudly at the mention of a social dinner.

“Manager, shall we invite Master Han since we rarely get together for a meal?” another person asked with great anticipation.

Nian Xiaomu was slightly shocked at the mention of this name!

How could anyone relax at a dinner party with Yu Yuehan around?

She stared at the colleague who had made the suggestion in disbelief. How could anyone be as dense as to propose that…

“Manager Wen, I don’t think…”

Before Nian Xiaomu could continue, her voice was drowned by a chorus of “Yes!” among the colleagues.

She silently raised her hands to cover her face.

“Alright, alright! I was just about to submit a report to Master Han. I’ll try to invite him, but all of you already know that no department has ever succeeded in inviting Master Han to a departmental gathering, so don’t get your hopes up!”