The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 175

Chapter 175 The Scary Price Of Friendship

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“If I remember correctly, Shangxin personally came to the Yu Corporation to sign the endorsement contract. If President Tang wanted Shangxin as a spokesperson for your company, you should contact her instead.” Tapping his long nails on the table, a calm ray of light flashed past Yu Yuehan’s face.

From the curve at the corner of his mouth, one could not differentiate whether or not he was laughing.

“…” The person on the other end of the call fell silent in an instant.

Only a stifled breathing sound could be heard from the phone.

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows and asked, “You vented your anger on me because you knew that you would not be able to convince Shangxin?”

The only person with this kind of character was undoubtedly this friend of his.

“That woman, Nian something, has managed to convince Shangxindo you dare to say that you did not contribute in any way?” Tang Yuansi gritted his teeth in reply.

Ever since he returned to the Tang Family, he had broken almost all contact with Shangxin.

The number of people who knew about their relationship could be counted on just 10 fingers.

Nobody could have managed to get ahold of this piece of information except for Yu Yuehan!

“She is called Nian Xiaomu,” Yu Yuehan raised his thin lips and reminded Tang Yuansi unhurriedly.

“I don’t care if her name is Nian Xiaomu or Nian Damuno matter how big or small this person is, Shangxin is the person I am talking about now!” Exasperated, Tang Yuansi growled in a fluster.

It looked like this usually gentle and refined man was really pissed that he had lost the basic self-restraint that he should possess.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes grew solemn when he heard this.

A long while later, he finally opened his mouth faintly and said, “I heard that you are sending your men to ask around about which business partners Sheng Da Science and Technology are planning to give their 10 sets of custom-made cell phones to. If nothing goes wrong, I will be receiving one set as well. How about I sell it to you for a friendship price of 100 billion yuan?”

The assistant who was beside Yu Yuehan was flabbergasted.

100 billion…

Friendship price…

How in the world had his Young Master managed to say all of this out loud?

The assistant turned around silently and pretended not to have heard anything.

All the assistant did was mourn for Tang Yuansi in his heart: Tang Yuansi had made friends with the wrong person… he had made friends with the wrong person…

Tang Yuansi seemed to choke and cursed in a low voice only after a long pause, “You are really something!”

Following which, he hung up the call.

Twisting his head, the assistant took a glance at his boss and felt the need to give him a reminder, saying, “Young Master, according to Supervisor Nian’s proposal, all 10 sets of the cell phones are dummies. There is only one pair of coupled cell phones.”

How could his boss look for cell phones to sell to President Tang under these circumstances?

“Why are you still standing rooted here then?” Yu Yuehan threw his cell phone onto the office desk. His expression looked treacherous as he stared at his assistant from the corner of his eye.

Assistant: “???”

“Contact President Chen from Sheng Da Science and Technology immediately. I want 10 sets of the limited edition cell phonesthe model with Shangxin’s photo as the background.” He would gift one set to Tang Yuansi and sell the remaining nine sets to Tang Yuansi.

What a good friend he wasTang Yuansi did not even have to remind him about it.

Assistant: “…”

100 billion yuan for a cell phone.

10 sets of cell phones would add up to be one trillion yuan; if he took away the free set, that would be 900 billion yuan.

Young Master, President Tang would cry if he knew that you were giving him such a treatment, right? He would really cry, wouldn’t he?”

Public relations department.

As Wen Yadai reached the entrance, the colleagues in the department surrounded her uniformly.

“Manager, how was it? Has Young Master Han agreed to attend?”

“…” The ray of light in Wen Yadai’s eyes dimmed; her originally unsightly complexion turned even darker in color.

However, she still managed to squeeze out a smile in an unhurried manner in front of her colleagues, all of whom were all filled with expectations.

“I have already conveyed all of your wishes to Young Master Han and even specially emphasized that the celebration party was organized to commemorate Supervisor Nian’s hard work on successfully clinching the endorsement. However, Young Master Han is very busy with work and might not have the time to attend.”

Wen Yadai’s speech went very slowly.

Her words might not seem to have any ulterior meaning when one first heard it. However, if they mulled over it carefully, it seemed to be stressing the fact that Young Master Han did not want to attend the gathering because Nian Xiaomu’s celebration party was not important enough for him to take time off.