The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Difficult To Turn Down A Passionate Invitation

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“Alright everyone, please don’t be too disappointed. Isn’t the celebration party on the weekend? I’ll find the chance to ask again. Who knows? Master Han might change his mind. Now go back to work.” Wen Yadai turned and walked back to her office as she spoke.

In the office, everyone was disappointed when they heard that Yu Yuehan would not be joining them at the celebration party.

The only person who was overjoyed at the news was Nian Xiaomu, who almost jumped out of her seat in her excitement!

When she realized that her colleagues had turned to look at her, the smile on her face momentarily froze.

Very quickly, she put on a look of dismay…

“Cheer up, Supervisor Nian. Master Han usually doesn’t attend any departmental gatherings. It’s not necessarily because of you.” The intern who had walked over to deliver documents to Nian Xiaomu checked that no one was looking and comforted her in a hushed voice.

Nian Xiaomu was bursting with joy in her heart, but continued to wear a frown on her face. She nodded her head at the intern.

“Thank you.”

Then, she lowered her head to carry on with her work.

When it was time to clock out, she hastily packed up, grabbed her bag, and dashed out of the public relations department.

Very quickly, she reached the parking garage.

She only stood still for a moment before she saw a familiar luxury car drive toward her.

The door opened and Yu Yuehan’s figure could be seen leaning against the seat with his eyes closed.

Xiao Liuliu was nestled in his arms, and when she saw Nian Xiaomu, her little face broke into a wide grin. “Pretty Sister!”

Hearing Xiao Liuliu’s voice, Yu Yuehan slowly opened his eyes and looked lazily toward Nian Xiaomu, who was still standing outside the car.

“Young Master.”

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly got into the car and sat in the corner of the vehicle.

Looking at Yu Yuehan now made her feel rather guilty about the milk incident from this morning.

Since he didn’t speak up, she didn’t dare say a word.

In the car, only Xiao Liuliu was still humming out-of-tune to a nursery rhyme…

After a while, Xiao Liuliu crawled out of Yu Yuehan’s arms and sat next to Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu held her soft, cuddly body and turned to look at Yu Yuehan when she suddenly recalled something.

“Young Master, may I apply for a day of leave this weekend?”

By right, weekends were rest days for a regular employee. However, she had to look after Xiao Liuliu, so there were no weekend breaks for her.

She had to apply to Yu Yuehan for time off if she wanted to attend the celebration party.

“Mmm?” Yu Yuehan raised his brow and looked toward her.

Nian Xiaomu hurriedly explained, “Our department is holding a celebration party this weekend, and I have promised Manager Wen that I would be there. So…”

It only struck Nian Xiaomu now that she had not informed Yu Yuehan of Shangxin formally signing the contract with her.

However, he should know about it by now.

She ought to express her gratitude for his help.

Did this mean that she should also extend to him an invitation to the celebration party as a token of appreciation?

Since he had already declined Wen Yadai’s invitation, he would definitely say no to her as well.

He should understand that she was only being polite in asking him to come along.

When Nian Xiaomu sorted out her thoughts, she cleared her throat and said, “It was all thanks to Young Master’s tip that I managed to convince Shangxin to agree to the endorsement deal so quickly. Actually, the most important person to invite to the celebration party is Young Master!”


“It’s too bad that Young Master is a busy man with a full schedule every day and does not have any spare time. Otherwise…”

“Do you want me to go that badly?” Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed as he spoke.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

What did he mean by that?

Wasn’t he too busy to go?

Without waiting for her to figure out what was going on, his magnetic voice spoke out.

“Since Supervisor Nian extended such a passionate invitation to me, I shall consider making time for it.”