The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Everything Happened With Perfect Timing

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Wen Yadai had always been generous to her subordinates; the venue which she had chosen was a famous nightclub in City H.

Not only could they eat in a private room, a variety of entertainment activities were also available.

Karaoke, billiards, poker… it was complete with everything.

Wen Yadai had hired men to furnish the room in advance because she knew that Yu Yuehan would be attending; looking at it, the quality of the room seemed to have jumped up a class.

Yu Yuehan sat at the head seat of the dining table.

He wore an apathetic expression on his handsome face.

Pursing his thin lips slightly, he leaned back sideways against the chair with no intentions of taking the initiative to speak.

He took a very long time to reply even when it was Wen Yadai who spoke to him.

Rather than socialize, he lowered his head and took glances at the luxurious watch on his wrist every now and then.

He seemed to be waiting for something…

“I guess everyone is hungry, so shall we call for the dishes now?” Wen Yadai sat beside Yu Yuehan. Twisting her head, she looked at him and asked.

At the dining table, this was the first time the rest of the employees from the public relations department had ever had a meal with their president at the same table; they were so excited that they were speechless.

They only nodded their heads blindly when they heard what Wen Yadai had said.

Just when Wen Yadai raised her hands in an attempt to call the waiter over, she heard Yu Yuehan speak, “Let’s wait for a while longer. Not everyone is here.”

His gaze was set on the few empty seats at the dining table when he said this.

Instantly, many of the employees’ expressions changed.

As they stared at him, their gazes became more and more infatuated…

“Young Master Han is so thoughtful!”

“He doesn’t put on any airs. What should I do? I am falling deeper in love with him.”

Quite a number of the female staff could not control the palpitations in their hearts and began to whisper into each other’s ears discreetly.

Wen Yadai was slightly stunned.

Even though she had some suspicions when she noticed that Nian Xiaomu wasn’t at the dining table, she still acted according to Yu Yuehan’s orders and instructed her subordinates to prompt the colleagues who were not yet present.

“I saw Supervisor Nian heading in the direction of the restroom just now. I’ll go call her over.” The intern who had been following Nian Xiaomu around stood up immediately and walked out of the private room when she heard what Wen Yadai said.

She was suddenly caught by surprise when she pulled open the doors of the private room; Nian Xiaomu was right there, standing outside the door.

“Nian, Supervisor Nian…”

Everyone’s gazes subconsciously shifted in the direction of the door when they heard that Nian Xiaomu was back.

The next second, everyone held their breaths without even noticing that they were doing so.

Her black dress fit exceptionally well.

Her figure looked extremely curvy while wearing this dresseven if one were to say that she looked perfect in it, that would not be excessive.

The v-neck design at the chest revealed her sexy sternum…

Moving on to the lower portion of the dress, not a single shortcoming could be faulted with her slim and well-proportioned calves.

Her aura had been completely changed by just a dress.

She seemed to have turned into a little siren in just the blink of an eye; it was as if she could take away the souls of everyone present with just a snap of her fingers!

Yu Yuehan’s eyes darkened gradually as he stared at her…

Nian Xiaomu had attracted the gazes of everyone present. However, Wen Yadai was the first one to notice Yu Yuehan’s gradual change in expression.

As she looked at Nian Xiaomu, who had became the focus of everyone present the moment she appeared, Wen Yadai could not reconcile with this scenario and gritted her teeth.

Soon, she squeezed out a smile again and greeted Nian Xiaomu.

“Supervisor Nian, where have you been? Everyone was looking for you. Quickly come in and have a seat.”


Nian Xiaomu felt a little uneasy because it was her first time wearing such sexy attire in front of her colleagues.

When she heard what Wen Yadai said, she walked forward without second thoughts.

Just as she was preparing to sit in a corner, she noticed that there was still an empty seat beside Yu Yuehanthe other seats were all taken.

She had no choice but to pull the chair out and sit next to Yu Yuehan.

He cast sidelong glances and peeped at her when she sat down. Very quickly, he shifted his gaze away; it was as if he did not care at all about who sat next to him.