The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 182

Chapter 182 A Toast To You Young Master Han

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Realizing that everyone’s stares were on her, she came back to her senses and hurriedly disposed the crab legs in her hands before reaching out for her wine cup.

“We were able to seal the deal with Shangxin’s endorsement contract so smoothly, and this was all thanks to Supervisor Nian. Welcome to our department! I hope that you will keep up the good work.” As Wen Yadai said this sentence, she looked at Yu Yuehan instead of Nian Xiaomu.

Everything that she had said, every sentence and word that she had uttered was filled with praises for Nian Xiaomu. However, it seemed like she only said this out of respect for Yu Yuehan.

After all, everyone present was aware of how Nian Xiaomu had managed to enter the the public relations departmentit was because Yu Yuehan had handpicked her personally.

Wen Yadai poured herself a second glass of wine after everyone was done with their first glass.

After that, she looked at Yu Yuehan and said, “Young Master Han, this glass is a toast to you.”

A hint of red blush permeated her delicate and pretty face. Before anyone could prompt her, she submitted this request in good taste.

“The reason why the public relations department could achieve such good results was all due to Young Master Han’s wise leadership. Your presence here today is an affirmation to my work ability. I’ll drink up first to show my respect.”

As she finished her sentence, she raised her head and finished all the wine in the glass.

She sounded very humble in her speech.

However, she was in fact hinting to the others with a hidden meaning behind these words; that she was the sole reason why Yu Yuehan had made an exception and attended the celebration party.


Yu Yuehan’s expression turned apathetic as he looked at her. Sweeping his gaze past the other people at the dining table, he lifted his wine glass with his long fingers and motioned for the attendant to refill his glass.

Just as Wen Yadai stared at him with a joyful look and waited for him to drink up his wine, Yu Yuehan held the wine glass in his hands and looked at the others at the dining table.

“Everyone seated here is an elite of the Yu Corporation. All of you are part of the company’s achievementswe couldn’t have done it without all your efforts. I’ll make a toast to all of you.” As Yu Yuehan finished speaking, he finished the red wine in his glass in one shot.

Everyone present held up their glasses uniformly when they heard what he said.

Then, they drank up with him.

It was originally a toast for just the two of them. However, it unfathomably became a toast for everyone present.

Furthermore, the reason why Yu Yuehan had attended the celebration party had changed as wellhe was here because he wanted to commend all the employees in the public relations department and not because of her…

Wen Yadai’s expression turned slightly ugly at that instant.

Before anyone could realize that something was amiss, she used a phone call as an excuse and exited the private room.

Standing by the entrance of the door, she clenched her fists with such great force that veins popped up on the backs of her hands.

Finally, she managed to control her bursting emotions with great effort. Turning around, she headed toward the direction of the restroom to touch up her makeup.

She bumped into someone just when she reached the entrance.

“Hey, I was wondering who it was. So the Great Beauty Wen is here for some entertainment. Do you want to have a drink with me?” This man behaved in a frivolous manner. Smiling with squinted eyes and stinking of the smell of liquor, he made his way over to Wen Yadai the moment he saw her.

“Lin Chao…” Wen Yadai narrowed her eyes slightly and recognized the man before herhe was a famous hedonistic son who had rich parents in the industry.

She glanced around. Immediately, she laughed in a gentle manner.

“I was wondering who it was. So it turned out to be Young Master Lin,” Wen Yadai greeted him briefly. Before Lin Chao could reply to her, she folded her arms and gave him a cynical look.

“Since Young Master Lin is still in the mood for entertainment, it looks like you are not yet aware that Shangxin has agreed to an endorsement deal with Sheng Da Science and Technology. She will be collaborating with us very soon.”

“… What did you say?” Lin Chao’s wily pair of eyes narrowed in an instant.

His expression immediately turned sinister as well.

The Lin Family was a typical parvenu family. Furthermore, Lin Chao himself was an arrogant idler just because of the wealth that he had.

He had had the privilege of witnessing Shangxin’s beauty when he first started working at his company. At that time, he swore on the spot that he would make Shangxin the spokesperson of his company’s products.

But in the end, he made a nasty joke out of himself…