The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Dead Meat She Is Gonna Be Dead Meat

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Wen Yadai had been observing Yu Yuehan’s reaction ever since she answered the question.

She had originally assumed that he would be either jealous or curious like the others after he heard what she said.

However, all he did from the beginning to the end was hold his glass that was filled with red wine in a calm manner. As he sipped his red wine with a cold and detached look, it seemed like he had totally missed what she said.

He would instead twist his head occasionally and steal a glance at Nian Xiaomu, who was very focused on her food…

He had absolutely paid no attention to whom she was fond of.

The smile at the corner of her mouth disappeared in an instant.

Narrowing her eyes, she took a glass filled with red wine and continued with the game.

“Supervisor Nian, I’m sorry, but it’s your turn.” Nian Xiaomu was slow on the uptake and only raised her head when she heard Wen Yadai’s voice. She stared blankly at the red wine bottle that was pointed in her direction.

“Truth,” Nian Xiaomu replied without hesitation.

She did not dare take up the “dare” challengeif she picked a paper slip that would require her to kiss someone else, she would be in for embarrassment.

“Supervisor Nian, what is your ideal type of guy?” With a blushing face, the first male colleague who had given her a toast just now immediately snagged the the chance to pop a question the moment he heard that she had chosen “truth.”

Yu Yuehan, who had been showing a cold face all the while, stole a glance at her as well when he heard this.

Nian Xiaomu was originally worried that she would be stumped by the difficulty of the question. She lifted her head up immediately the moment she heard the question and replied clearly and distinctly, “A sunshine boy! A major sunshine boy! The little sunshine who emits warmth in all angles, 360 degrees aroundmy favorite!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

Well done, she even wrote a script for herself.

She seemed to be mocking Yu Yuehan, who sat just beside her.

Yu Yuehan had never forgotten that someone had once nicknamed him “iceberg.”

Iceberg and Little Sunshinethe two of them were completely on opposite ends.

The tension on his handsome face had just eased, but returned to its cold and hard state again in no time.

“My turn to spin.” Nian Xiaomu took the red wine bottle. She rubbed both her hands together first before grabbing the middle section of the bottle seriously and spinning the bottle with force.

The next moment, the mouth of the bottle pointed toward Yu Yuehan and stopped dead in its tracks.


Everyone stayed completely still for a good three seconds.

Even Nian Xiaomu herself stared dumbfounded at the wine bottle for a period of timeshe dearly wished that she could chop off her own hand.

Even though she wanted to hear gossip about Yu Yuehan, she was also aware of just how precious life was.

“Should I spin one more time?” Nian Xiaomu asked carefully.

“Truth.” Yu Yuehan’s eyes flickered; his indifferent voice sounded at the exact same time as hers.


Gasps from the crowd could be heard once again.

All of the female colleagues looked at her uniformly.

Nian Xiaomu carried the expectations of all the female colleagues in the department; she would have to ask about something related to love no matter what.

If not, she would be too ashamed to return to the public relations department.

After struggling for a long while, an idea suddenly struck her mind, so she asked, “Young Master Han, are you fond of men or women?”


The entire private room seemed to become encased in ice the moment she blurted out that sentence.

The only few sounds that remained were the clattering of chopsticks falling to the ground. These happened to be dropped by some of the terrified colleagues.

She twisted her head around and looked at Yu Yuehanhis face had turned so dark and black that it resembled the charred bottom of a pot…

Indeed, she was very bad at games.

The celebration party ended with a weird atmosphere.

Since all the colleagues had left in groups of twos and threes, Nian Xiaomu was the only one who was still seated blankly in her seat; she was so terrified that she did not dare to leave the room together with Yu Yuehan.

Finally, she slowly walked out of the nightclub after waiting arduously for everyone else to leave.

The tipsy feeling from the alcohol started to disperse as the night wind landed on her face.

Just when she was prepared to hail a cab by the roadside, she suddenly noticed a sports car that looked familiar. It was stopped at the road in a location that everyone was bound to pass by if they were to exit the nightclub.

A scowling, handsome face popped into view when the windows to the car rolled down.

A pair of dark and soulful eyes coldly stared right into her and ordered, “Get in the car.”