The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Prove To Her

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Get… get in the car?

Nian Xiaomu stood still in shock; the cool wind was still blowing softly beside her ears.

The wind blew against the fringe that rested on her forehead from time to time and revealed her bright and clean forehead.

However, she took a step backwardit was as though she had seen something spooky.

If this happened at a normal time and a handsome guy had driven a limited edition sports car just to pick her up, she would most likely be so crazily happy that she would behave like a love-struck fool for the entire night.

Yet now, right after she had blurted out a question like “Young Master Han, are you fond of men or women…”

As she looked at the sports car before her, she only felt that it was a hearse on its way to hell…

One that only brought people on a one-way trip!

Right now, she hated herself for the fact that she had not drank a couple more drinks just nowif she had, she could have pretended to be drunk and slept without worries in the car now!


As these words flashed past her mind, her eyes sparkled in an instant.

She walked up at a slow pace and said, “Young Master, you had a few drinks just now. You cannot drive!”

Since he could not drive, he would not be able to send her home.

They could head home separately. Once he woke up the next morning, he might forget about what had happened today just like that.

Oh, how smart could she get!

Nian Xiaomu plotted her plan gleefully in her mind. The next second, she noticed that Yu Yuehan, who was sitting in the car, had raised the corner of his lips in a cynical manner.

With his eyelids that were slightly raised, he seemed to be mocking her naiveness.

As he swept his gaze past her face, he lowered his eyes and took a glance at his luxurious watch that sat on his wrist.

Before Nian Xiaomu could understand all of these actions, she noticed a limousine, which looked utterly familiar, making its way toward them.

It stopped at the roadside steadily.

The chauffeur got out of the vehicle. He walked to the front of the sports car respectfully and opened the doors of the car for Yu Yuehan. “Young Master.”


Blankly, Nian Xiaomu continued staring as Yu Yuehan stepped out of his car.

He had asked her to get in the car just nowhad he meant that he wanted her to get in the car and wait together with him for the chauffeur to arrive instead of meaning that he was going to drive her home?

“How much longer are you planning to stand around for?” As Yu Yuehan made his way toward the limousine, he cast a look in Nian Xiaomu’s direction with his apathetic eyes. At that instant, Nian Xiaomu shivered all over and blindly followed him into the vehicle.

Nian Xiaomu shrank in a corner and deeply wished that Yu Yuehan would forget about her presence during the whole journey back home.

What was the point of games when they truly caused serious harm?

Perhaps she should apologize to him now?

Should she claim that her brain had malfunctioned just now and that she did not have any suspicions about his sexual orientation?

Yu Yuehan leaned back against the cushion of the vehicle and started to collect his gaze. Soon, he took notice of the person sitting opposite himshe seemed to be dying from all the confusion and wild thoughts.

She had had quite a few drinks tonight, so her fair colored face looked slightly red.

When the lights from the street lamps washed down on her face, a layer of soft hair could be seen on her delicate skin. Her look appeared quite silly when this was coupled with her slightly foggy expression.

It seemed that she had drank a bit too much.

She appeared to be very nervous as wellher lips were all red from her biting on them.

She opened her mouth a few times and appeared to have something to say. However, she swallowed her words back quietly in the end.

The sentence “I want to admit my mistakes, but I have no courage” was written on her face.

The depressing pressure in the car continued on just like this.

None of them spoke.

Swish.The car stopped at the entrance of the villa.

The chauffeur turned around and said, “Young Master, we have arrived.”

Nian Xiaomu was the first one to react; she seemed to be completely breathless from holding back her breath and reached out hurriedly in an attempt to open the door.

The next second, someone held back her wrist.

Startled, she looked up, and her gaze instantly met a pair of dark and soulful eyesthat pair of eyes looked exactly like a multitude of ripples swimming in a deep pool.

She was so terrified that she shrank her neck and said, “Young Master, impulse is the devil, while killing means…”

Before she could utter the three words, “breaking the law,” a long and slender finger reached out and lifted her chin.

His head crashed down on her.