The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 188

Chapter 188 A Well Hidden Secret

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His thin lips were only a centimeter away from her when they stopped moving closer.

His gaze did not look away from her.

The two of them were so close together that he could smell the natural scent of her body.

She was cautiously looking back at him with her watery, doe-like eyes as if she were a child who had made a mistake.

The question that she had asked in the private room came to mind.

Why was she so concerned about his sexual preference?

Or was it that he appeared as if he were fond of men in her eyes?

Yu Yueham’s eyes grew dark, and his lips formed a thin line as these thoughts filled his mind…


Nian Xiaomu noticed the change in his mood and shrank backward in fear.

Trapped between the backrest of the car seat and Yu Yuehan’s chest, she felt like the grim reaper was approaching her step by step.

She should not have participated in the game.

Now she was done for.

To ask a man if he liked women or men was as good as asking about his sexual performance.

She was courting death…

There was a strong streak of dominance in the man’s clear breath.

In the car, their positions were suspiciously ambiguous; he was on top of her, holding her chin with his hand and not letting go. It was a charged moment…

“Women,” his magnetic voice suddenly spoke out with a tinge of gloom.

Afterward, he let go of her and got out of the car first, walking back into the villa without turning back.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

[If the president of your company told you in all seriousness that he liked women, would you think that he had forgiven you or that he wanted you to at least know why you were killed off?

Waiting anxiously online!]

After Nian Xiaomu sent out this question, she held her cell phone in her hand and tossed restlessly in her bed.

She didn’t even know when she fell asleep.

When she woke up the next day, it was already noon time.

She snuggled in the covers like a trembling shrimp while her hand felt around in the covers for her cell phone.

When she finally found it, she got up reluctantly from her bed.

The first thing she did was to check the website where she had posted her question.

There were all sorts of responses to her question.

[To explain after being misunderstood is only natural. Please do not worry too much about it.]

[Even if he’s upset, shouldn’t he get over it after some time?]

[What’s there to be afraid of? Just find a new company if you lose your job! Be strong!]

These were the normal replies.

In comparison, the abnormal replies were more numerous.

[233333, did the president get angry from feeling shameful that he got found out?]

[I guess that the explanation is likely to be fake. Isn’t there a saying that “out of 10 men who are rich, nine are bad boys and the last one must be gay?”]

[Is it only me who feels that the president likes you? Otherwise, why would he bother to explain anything to you? Did clever ol’ me discover a well-hidden secret? Hahaha!]

[I’m here to give out vouchers. Don’t miss out on freebies…]

They were generally like that.

All the replies were aiming to stir trouble.

Nian Xiaomu placed her cell phone on the headboard of the bed and banged her head against it.

So many replies, yet not a single one was useful.

After reading through them, she felt even more nervous.

It happened to be Sunday today, so she did not have to report for work.

Surely she wouldn’t see Yu Yuehan the minute she left the room…

Nian Xiaomu felt a chill down her spine and shrank back into her covers.

She wished that she could stay cooped in her room for the entire day and not have to go out at all.

“Pretty Sister, it’s time to get up to eat!” a childish voice called out from outside the room.

Then, the very next second, the room door opened from the outside. Two figures, one large and one small, stood at the door.