The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 195

Chapter 195 The Best Proposal

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The things that she wanted to say slipped out of her mind all of a sudden; instead, she stared at him blankly.

His deep and soulful eyes exuded a calm and quiet force.

Was this… killing by a death touch to the head?

Or was he consoling her?

Before Nian Xiaomu could return to her senses from her overwhelming emotions, the hand that was resting on her head exerted some force and pushed her head aside. With raised eyebrows, he looked at the assistant who was walking toward them from behind Nian Xiaomu.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Was he blaming her for blocking the way just now?

What was there to be emotional aboutshe had seriously been blind!

“Young Master, we have investigated. From the records on Shangxin’s CCTV, she left home at the scheduled time this morning. However, she was hauled into a minivan by the roadside the moment she exited her apartment building. It can be confirmed that someone abducted her!” the assistant walked forward with quick steps and reported hurriedly.

He was breathing heavilyit seemed that he ran all the way here without stopping to rest.

“President Tang has already tracked the whereabouts of the minivan and is now on the way to look for Shangxin. He wanted me to convey this message to Young Master: Shangxin cares a lot about this endorsement event. He hopes that you can think of a way to stall for time until he finds Shangxin!”

The influence of the Tang Family in City H was second only to the Yu Family.

With Tang Yuansi around, they would not be very useful even if they headed over there now.

It could now be confirmed that Shangxin had been kidnapped.

Not only would sales of Sheng Da Science and Technology’s new product be affected, Shangxin’s reputation was at stake as well if something went wrong with the product launch.

Although Tang Yuansi did not give a hoot about the product launch, he cared a lot about Shangxin’s reputation.

There were so many fans present at the scenethe consequences would be unthinkable if any problems arose!

As such, it did not matter what the objective of the other party was; they might be targeting Shangxin herself or even the product launch, but the best plan now was to stabilize the current situation and wait for Shangxin to appear.

Yu Yuehan understood Tang Yuansi’s thoughts very quickly. With dull eyes, he twisted his head and looked at Nian Xiaomu.

“You are the overall person in charge for the event today. Do you have any methods to stall for time?”


Nian Xiaomu had been distracted ever since the appearance of the assistant.

A bunch of question marks were revolving about in her brain.

Her eyes widened, especially when she heard that Tang Yuansi had actually went out to look for Shangxin personally.

At last, she came back to her senses and met Yu Yuehan’s annoyed gaze. She replied hurriedly, “We can push the unimportant segments of the product launch forward. I remember that there is a lucky draw activitythat should be able to stall for around half an hour of the time.”

Yu Yuehan muttered to himself for a few seconds before he instructed in an apathetic manner, “Expand the scale of the lucky draw and try to delay for an hour.”

“I’ll go arrange it right away!”

Aware that this was the only thing that she could do to help Shangxin, Nian Xiaomu turned around without any hesitation and walked toward the employees at work.

She changed the lineup of the product launch at the last minute.

When the time was up, she sent the host on her way to announce the commencement of the product launch as usual…

At the other end of the city.

A black minivan stopped in front of a bar that only operated at night.

As the doors to the van opened, a few men clad in black t-shirts with bright tattoos on their arms carried an unconscious young lady and covertly made their way into the bar through the back door.

Lights lit up on the originally dark bar counter the moment they entered the establishment.

These few men did not stop in their steps and carried the lady directly into a private room that was located at the most interior area of the bar.

Someone was already seated on the sofa when the doors to the private room flung open.

He seemed to have frequented places of entertainment all year round due to the extremely fair complexion of his face.

In addition, the dark circles under his eyes had turned yellowish, and a wretched look seeped through his eyes.