The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 196

Chapter 196 I Can Be Yours Too

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“Young Master Lin, we have brought her over!” Appearing to be claiming credit for something, a few men with tattoos spoke up. They carried the lady and brought her over to Lin Chao.

When Lin Chao heard this, he lifted his head up in excitement.

He could not be bothered with anything else. Walking up, he brushed the young lady’s hair away; he nearly turned cross-eyed when he was sure that she was one whom he had yearned day and night for.

“Oh, Shangxin. So what if you were so arrogant? You still landed in my hands in the end!” Lin Chao was so thrilled that he squinted his eyes.

He had mentioned it a long time ago that Shangxin could only sign endorsement deals for his company.

If he could not have her, nobody else could!

He must have the last laugh!

Lin Chao felt his heart soften as he stared at the dainty beauty in front of him.

He used to feel that Shangxin was exceptionally beautiful when he observed her from afar in the past. In addition, with her air of arrogance which hinted that nobody was a compatible match for her, it was easy to ignite a man’s desire to conquer her.

He realized that not only was she beautiful, she also looked exceptionally fresh and pure now that he looked at her up close.

A wave of clean and pure aura seeped through her entire bodyit felt like a patch of grassland right after it rained.

It made it so that a person couldn’t help but have the urge to protect her…

And to love her dearly…

“What did you guys do to her?” Lin Chao looked at her from top to bottom. He lifted his head and asked while restraining his small internal thoughts.

The group of them explained hurriedly, “She was struggling too much, so we were afraid that there would be an accident and decided to knock her out. Young Master Lin, don’t worryshe will be awake soon!”

While he was speaking, a man with tattoos walked forward. He took something unknown and put in under her nose. A moment later, Shangxin knitted her eyebrows and coughed lightly.

She slowly regained her consciousness.

She was still dizzy as she tried to make sense of her current location as well as the people before her.

The next second, she seemed to have recalled the scenario from before she fainted and sat upright on the sofa while supporting her body.

She stared vigilantly at the people before her.

“Who are you people?”

As she spoke, she dove her hands into her pocket and wanted to take her cell phone out. However, she realized that her cell phone was missing.

She had most likely dropped it in the minivan during the previous struggle.

This place seemed like a soundproof private room; it was unlikely that the people outside could hear her if she screamed.

Had she been… kidnapped?

A wave of panic flashed past Shangxin’s eyes. Very quickly, she forced herself to calm down.

She lifted her head up and stared at the few people who stood before her.

She did not have any recollection of these completely unfamiliar faces.

She only had a slight impression of the man who stood at the very front; she seemed to have seen him somewhere before, but could not remember it now…

“Shangxin, don’t be afraid. I will not hurt youI just had some matters which I needed to discuss with you. I guarantee that you will be able to leave this place safe and sound if you cooperate with me.” As Lin Chao spoke, he motioned to the people around him.

Immediately, someone walked forward with a box in hand and opened it up.

The box was filled to the brim with cash; there seemed to be a light bulb installed in it that emitted sparkling rays of light.

It was permeated with temptation!

The corners of Lin Chao’s lips rose, and he revealed a proud smile when he saw Shangxin’s startled face.

As he had mentioned, everyone loves money.

There must have been a misunderstanding when Shangxin rejected him the previous time; now that there were so many bills of cash before her, would there still be anything that could not be negotiated?

Lin Chao took out a contract and threw it on top of the box that was filled with bills. “This money is all yours as long as you sign this contract.”


“If you want, I can be yours too!” As Lin Chao continued speaking, his eyes had already formed into a single line from all the perverted squinting. Reaching out, he prepared to touch her chest.

However, Shangxin had already lowered her head and bit his arm before he could touch her.

Just like a pig that was being slaughtered, a shriek erupted from Lin Chao’s mouth immediately.