The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 197

Chapter 197 It Is All Over. I Am Here With You.

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Never in his mind had Lin Chao expected that the woman who appeared to be so weak and delicate would be so fierce when she was pissed!

He was ruthlessly bitten by her because he had been careless for just a slight moment. Before he could return to his senses in time, she gave him a kick to the crotch!

He was in so much pain from these two continuous attacks that he could no longer produce any sound.

His face had turned a maroon-red in an instant; holding his dick, he rolled about on the floor.

He shouted at the people around him in hysteria, “Why are all of you still frozen there? Capture her immediately!”

Shangxin had practically used up all her energy on these two attacks just now.

She immediately propped up her body and crawled up from the sofa when she noticed that Lin Chao was still immersed in pain. Then, she ran toward the door of the private room.

However, she realized that the door was locked when she forcefully tugged at the handle of the door.

“Trying to make a run for it after beating me up? No damn way!”

Her heart sank. The moment she turned around, she saw Lin Chao getting up from the floor while swearing at the same time.

The few men with tattoos around him looked in her direction as well.

She could neither get out of the room nor find her cell phone.

Shangxin was like a bird that was trapped in a cage; she could not run away at all.

She was so afraid that her entire body was pasted snugly on the wall beside the door. At the same time, a person’s face floated around unceasingly in her mind.

The face from when he was a kid to when he was an adult, then the face when he was an adult back to when he was a kid…

She still remembered that she loved to play in the backyard of his house when she was young.

There was a flowering shrub with long leaves, and they could hide in there to play hide-and-seek.

Once, she hid in the flowering shrub on purpose when she saw that Tang Yuansi was on his way over to look for her; she wanted to surprise him from behind after he walked past her.

However, someone shouted at him, and he left before he had the chance to walk forward.

Her reaction was a little slow at that timeshe only came back to her senses and wanted to go after him after she saw that his back had disappeared from view.

In a hurry, she was caught by the overflowing branches and leaves of the flowering shrub.

The more anxious she became while trying to struggle free, the tighter she was entangled.

In the end, she was so tightly trapped that she could no longer move, so she cried out loud.

However, she was in a very secluded area; no one else was there except for her. Due to both pain and fear, her voice had become so hoarse from all the shouting that she could not utter a single word.

Just when she was worried that she would die in that spot, Tang Yuansi, who had just left, suddenly appeared before her again.

Just like a figment of her imagination, he appeared before her…

On that day, the orange rays from the dusk sun spilled onto his slightly frail shadow. In her eyes, he looked like a god from above even though he was still young and did not have a tall and strong figure.

Stepping through the rays, he walked to her step by step.

Then, he lifted her up from the flowering shrub.

He was a little anxious in his movements, and she felt slight pain from his actions. He cupped both his hands around her terrified face, used the most gentle voice she had ever heard to comfort her, and said, “Xiao Xinxin, it is all is over. I am here with you.”

It is all over. I am here with you.

This was the most touching sentence she had ever heard in her entire life.

Grabbing the hem of his shirt pitifully, she cried out loud, “Brother Xiaosi, will you continue to stay with me in the future?”

“Yes.” He patted her head with his hands that were full of warmth and said with resolution, “I will definitely appear by your side if you are ever in danger.”


Being the young girl that she was, she was so terror-stricken that she had actually forgotten everything that had happened. However, she still remembered that sentence which he had said.

Those childhood memories had stayed in her mind all this time.

However, the person that was engraved in her heart did not want to see her ever again.

Shangxin’s eyes reddened as she grabbed the wall with force.

As she looked at Lin Chao, who was advancing toward her, she resisted her fear with great difficulty and controlled her body to prevent it from trembling.

Where are you, Brother Xiaosi…