The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 198

Chapter 198

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“Be obedient and sign the contract, then apologize to yo daddy. Perhaps yo daddy might consider forgiving you.” With a wretched look, Lin Chao walked forward and tugged at the tie that looped around his neck.

One could guess what his next step would be just by looking at his expression.

“Don’t come any closer to me. Otherwise, I won’t let you get away with this!” Shangxin came back to her senses. She growled at him when she saw that Lin Chao was inching closer and closer to her.

Her dauntless attacks on Lin Chao just now had made him suffer quite a bit.

Now that he heard her words of warning, he grew timid and stopped in his tracks subconsciously.

When he recovered from his shock, he realized that he had actually been intimidated by a woman and spat in anger.

He motioned his subordinates around him with a look. “Capture her. Just watch how I am going to lecture her today!”

“Young Master, we agreed on this before we brought her over…” The group of men who stood behind Lin Chao were a little hesitant when they heard his instructions. Lowering their voices, they reminded him, “We heard that Shangxin does not come from a simple backgroundmany big shots had bad endings after they landed in her hands. We are all a little apprehensive about this.”

“Cowards! Since none of you dare to lay your hands on her, I’ll do it myself!” Lin Chao’s lecherous eyes narrowed. Unable to contain it any longer, he rubbed his palms and approached Shangxin.

He did not believe that a woman like her would be any threat to him.

Why would she still show her face in public and work as a model if she really had such a powerful background?

Looking at her figure and that pretty face, there was an 80% chance that she was being kept as a mistress by some rich man.

Once he had had a taste of her and taught her a good lesson, he would give her a greater sum of money and make her his possession. What would be the issue by then?

Lust filled Lin Chao’s heart and he walked to Shangxin, mocking her with smirk. Just when she was about to push him away, he took a step in advance and grabbed her arm.

“My little darling, yo daddy will give you all my love. Haha!” Lin Chao was about to pull her into his embrace when the alarm outside rang.

Did someone barge into the bar?

Before he had time to return to his senses, Shangxin had already aimed for his feet and gave him a kick. After that, she shook him off and shrank into a corner.

She was so terrified that she curled up into a ball.


A loud bang could be heard.

The next moment, the doors to the private room were kicked open from outside.

A bunch of black shadows emerged and entered the room.

Shangxin nearly burst into tears. With a slip of her tongue, she said, “Brother Xiaosi…”

The next second, she looked closely at the person before her; she was taken aback when she realized that it was a stranger.

A few bodyguards followed closely behind.

They subdued Lin Chao and his men in just a few moves.

Shangxin’s manager, who was the last person and followed from behind, rushed up to Shangxin the moment she saw her. “Shangxin, how are you? Are you alright?”


Shangxin widened her eyes. Staring blankly at the people before her, her tears suddenly trickled down without any warning.

She threw herself into her manager’s embrace and bawled loudly.

Everyone present assumed that she was in tears because she was in shock. However, only her manager, who was hugging her, knew the real reason behind her tearsit was because she did not see a certain someone…

Shangxin seemed to be preoccupied with her thoughts from the moment she left the bar to the moment she boarded the car.

She looked like a startled bunny; her eyes were red from all the crying.

Her private van sped to the location where Sheng Da Science and Technology was holding the product launch. However, nobody had taken any notice of the black luxury vehicle that was parked silently at the roadside across from the bar.

The windows to the car were tightly shut, and a young man sat in the driver’s seat.

His handsome face seemed to be a little pale, and he was grabbing onto the steering wheel with great force.

When he saw Shangxin with eyes red from crying at a distance just inches away from him, his expression that looked calm all the time suddenly cracked; he nearly could not control himself and wanted to rush out of the car just to pull her into his embrace.

He wanted to let her know that he was right by her side!