The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Which One Was The Real Her

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The dim light fell on his face. Dressed in a white suit, he appeared exceptionally scholarly and gentle. However, the redness that colored the underside of his eyes revealed the worry and heartbreak that he was going through.

Just when he reached for the handle of the door and was about to push the car door open, the cell phone in his pocket suddenly chimed.

It was a text message.

It contained simply-worded sentences: [She’s fine now. I’m taking her to the event location. The ones who appeared are her usual bodyguards, so it did not arouse her suspicions.]

After reading the text message on the phone, Tang Yuansi slowly released his grip on the handle of the car door.

As if he had used up all the strength in his body, he threw himself against the backrest of the car seat.

On the other end.

At the Sheng Da Science and Technology product launch.

Yu Yuehan stood backstage, his gaze following Nian Xiaomu around as she scurried from one point to another.

He maintained his posture and did not move for a long time.

There was a bit of something stirring in his calm eyes.

The warmth in his palm had dissipated, but the feeling of touching her head had not gone away.

He thought about her silky long hair and dazed look. She had stared blankly at him like a kitty looking at the person clearing her litter. All that was missing was her tearfully pouncing into his arms and wagging her tail at him.

At this moment though, she carried herself very professionally.

Weaving through the other staffers, she directed everyone to undertake their tasks in a systematic manner.

Which one was the real her? He could not differentiate.

“Young Master, we just received a call that Shangxin is fine and that she is on her way to the event location now!” The assistant ran excitedly to Yu Yuehan with his phone in his hand.

He had not lowered his volume when he spoke, so everyone backstage heard him loud and clear.

After that, everyone could not help but cheer.

The backup plan could only reduce the negative impact of Shangxin’s absence. For the product launch to achieve the optimal effect, Shangxin would need to make an appearance.

When Nian Xiaomu heard that Shangxin was alright, she heaved a big sigh of relief. At the next moment, the person in charge of the venue walked over to her.

“Supervisor Nian, we have already shifted forward every possible program event. If there are no other events that can be used on stage, then we don’t have time to wait for Shangxin!”

At those words, the relaxed atmosphere in the backstage area became tense again.

There was half an hour more to go.

As long as they had another half an hour, then when Shangxin arrived, the product launch would still proceed as planned.

Feverish with anxiety like ants on a hot pan, the person in charge added, “The young master of Sheng Da Science and Technology is here today and is already seated in the VIP zone. If Shangxin does not turn up during the introduction of the new product…”

“I’ll introduce it!” Nian Xiaomu decided to give it her all and raised her head with gusto.

“I’m the main supervisor for this product launch, so I am very familiar with the product’s functions and unique selling points. I am able to substitute for Shangxin for the beginning of the introduction of the cell phone. When Shangxin arrives, get her to take over from me immediately.”

As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she turned toward the stage.

“Young Master, you should be seated as well,” the assistant gently reminded him from the side.

As the main partner of this collaboration, Yu Yuehan should have been seated in the VIP zone.

Yet, he had stayed backstage all this time to keep Nian Xiaomu company.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrow. Watching that person walk toward the stage, he shifted his gaze and headed to the VIP zone.

A large commotion broke out as he was seated.

The onlookers and media tried to take photographs of him, but the security guards at the venue stopped them.

Yu Yuehan sat expressionlessly in his seat, unbothered by what was going on around him until he heard the emcee announce that the next event in the program was the introduction of the new product.