The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Young Master I Did Not Say Anything

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Little Fairy Mumu: [… Bengbeng, you’ve changed. You didn’t use to be like this. If I felt aggrieved at work, you would ask me to quit and tell me that it’s okay, that you would look after me.]

Creditor Bengbeng: [What nonsense! Stop with your daydreaming! Wake up! I’m getting ready to enter the operating room.]

Little Fairy Mumu: […]

Throwing her cell phone aside, Nian Xiaomu threw herself into bed. Then, she grabbed her pillow and imagined Yu Yuehan’s face on it as she pinched and flattened it.

Afterward, she lay on the bed while still feeling annoyed.

When she no longer felt as irate, she realized that her stomach was rumbling in hunger.

After tossing and turning in bed, but unable to fall asleep, she thought about it and decided to cook herself a bowl of noodles to comfort her belly.

Just as she arrived in the living room, she saw that the butler was standing at the entrance of the dining room like a soldier on guard duty.

When he saw her, he looked at her like he was looking at an evil concubine from ancient times who brought harm to the country and its people…


Nian Xiaomu was about to tell him that she wanted to use the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles, but her stomach called out first.

She covered her tummy with her hands in embarrassment as she greeted the butler, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet, Butler?”

The butler glanced over at her and shifted to the side to let her into the kitchen. Then, he followed behind her and turned on the lights.

There were a few food containers on the dining table.

The butler opened the food containers, and the aroma of the food filled the dining room.

There were meat and vegetable disheseven the rice was warm!

For someone who was famished, there was nothing more blissful than this!

Nian Xiaomu was almost moved to tears and cried out, “I’ve always thought that you didn’t like me, Butler. I didn’t think that you would actually be so kind to me. I was so foolish before…”


As the butler watched Nian Xiaomu repent fully and seriously, the corners of his lips quivered.

In his head, he recalled how his young master had instructed him before leaving the dining room, “She hasn’t eaten dinner, so she will surely be hungry and unable to fall asleep later. Get the kitchen to prepare something for her.”

“…” At this moment, the butler was so stunned that he had forgotten to respond.

His young master had never ever shown any concern toward the opposite sex.

He was distant, aloof, and even Matriarch Yu had previously doubted his sexual preferences. Now, however, he was actually showing concern for Nian Xiaomu!

Furthermore, his face had been filled with fondness!

As if this was not enough to shock the butler, Yu Yuehan’s next order was even more mind-blowing: “Don’t let her know that these were my instructions.”

This totally made the butler’s jaw drop to the floor!

Yu Yuehan wanted to care for her, but did not want her to know.

Why did such an action seem like a one-sided crush…

In the largest clan in City H, his young master wielded the most power. As the president of the Yu Corporation, his status was distinguished, and there were countless women who wanted to get married to him.

He only had to gesture with his finger and would be able to have any woman he wanted. Why was he acting like a rookie in love and nursing a one-sided crush?

The butler immediately pinched himself hard.

When he snapped back to his senses, Yu Yuehan had already calmly carried Xiao Liuliu out of the dining room, leaving the butler behind. As the butler prepared the food for Nian Xiaomu, he grumbled in his heart and wondered if she had cast a spell on his young master.

Initially, since it was already getting late and Nian Xiaomu had not appeared at all, he felt a bit of relief.

Young Master must have guessed incorrectly, and there must be nothing going on between them…

Little did he expect that not long afterward, Nian Xiaomu came out of her room holding her little stomach!

“Would you like to eat together, Butler?” Nian Xiaomu asked as she stuffed another spoonful of food into her mouth and watched the spaced out butler.

“Butler? Butler?”

The butler snapped back to his senses and blurted out, “Young Master, I did not say anything!”